Tuesday, July 10, 2007

365 Day Challenge Day 20 - New Hair!!!

Day 20 on my 365 day challenge sees me with NEW HAIR!!! Finally!!!

I get the same yarn from everyone, "Dont cut your hair - its so lovely and long!!" I know - but you try it on for a week. My hair is so thick and heavy is gives me migranes!! I live on pain killers when it gets to the length it was. But today its gone. 4 hours in the chair later and this is the finished product.

Ive had some foils put in as well, blonde and caramel, but only through the top, underneath is my natural colour which thank goodness still doesnt contain any grey!! Im very lucky!!

Ive put a counter on my Blog to see if anyone actual visits me. SOmetimes I really think i am talking to myself - so have actually used this facility as a bit of a diary for future scrapbooking pages.

But now with the counter i am actually suprised with how many people have stopped by. I only put in on last night.

I will attach a couple of photos of layouts i have done recently. Both i sent of to Sm and both have been rejected!!! Boohoo!! I dont know what they want - but certainly nothing from this little black duck. I will keep sending them in though - everyone i have done goes to someone.

This gorgeous little guy is Cassandra Glass's baby Ronin. We did a layout swap through Cyberscraps. Its funny, one of my scrapbooking students was on holidays in Brisbane and went into the brick and motar cyberscraps. SHe saw Cass scrapping a photo of me and my husband and she screamed "Thats my scrapbookign teacher!!" How hilarious!! Its such a small world in the scrapbooking world. If you would like to participate in a layout swap, visit cyberscraps and mention it in the forum. There will be any number of ladies that will jump at the chance.

This layout was done in an online class at Crafting in Style. Its always great fun and excellent value. $5 it costs to join. Yiou can buy the kit as well, but i am always too late to do that.

I am looking really forward to their on-line retreat week over July - August. I bought the pack for all the classes. I can stay at home in the warm and work to my hearts content!! Great fun!!

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Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Jodi I love the hair!!! I think it's a gorgeous style and really suits you. Long hair is fine but then it gets sooo long that you can't actually do anything with it but put it back in a ponytail just to keep it out of your way!!! Nope I don't think it makes you look old around the eyes either!


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