Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 38 - A Night Out!!! Very Rare!!

Today presents something a little different in my routine. Im off to a rock concert!! Apparently its one of those things where poeple get up on stage and sing songs to the audience. Poeple have said its very loud and can be lots of fun!!!
We out here in the country dont get much of those rock bandy thingys. LOL

So we piled in the car and headed to the Crossing Teatre in Narrabri to listen to Jimmy Barnes!!! What a great night out. His kids played a few songs and he sung a few new songs and his old favorites, chucked a bit of Chizel and it was rock'n!!!
The average age of the audience im sad to say would have been 50. So many balled heads and pot bellies and that was just the ladies!!! Lol, nah everyone looked great and were having a fantastic time!!
We got home late and my ears were ringing all night with Barnseys voice - but it was all good. Great way to spend the night.
Me & Stu having fun*Chant with me!!* Jimmy...Jimmy!...Jimmy!...Jimmy!....


Brenda said...

Is that you in the mush pit????

Jodi said...

Yes, I was in the mush pit!! Jumping up and down and singing!!!
LOL. Very hot place but, had to go out and take a rest - hence the photo further back!!

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