Tuesday, July 3, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 13

Balloons Balloons - This is my life. I am at the mercy of the phone in my job. Today I had a lovely shopping trip planned to Tamworth - see a movie, buy some clothes and have a nice lunch!!! The phone rang just as i was sitting down. An urgent delivery and a big one too, so couldnt knock that back!!
Saw the movie with an hour to spare for shopping. I had to get some stuff for Stu and stuff for Josh, and only 30 mins left for me. I chose one shop and found everything i was after and at 30% off!! Bargain!!!
Came home and got delivery done on time. These big fish balloons for a 50th. The customers were stoked with them!!
So that was day 13 in the life of me!!
I dont know if i will get all my days scrapped, but hopefully at least i will have the photos taken and a bit of a running documentry of my life for future reference!!
See ya tomorrow!!

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