Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 29 - The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to go back in it!!!!

No, No!! I dont want to get out of bed - its too cold!!! We've got below zero temperatures in Gunnedah this winter and it doesnt get much above them with the freezing cold wind blowing across from the hills. Its cold. Teperatures like -5.5!!! These kind of numbers just dont happen here!!!

I love to stay in bed with my electric blanky!! My favorite saying in Winter is "The only reason I get out of bed is so i can go back to bed!!". Its so nice, all warm and snuggly with a good book!! But i dont have agood book at the moment. I am waiting for the last instalment of Harry Potter, then i can stay in bed all weekend until i finish it. Thats this weekend by the way!!!! So, seeing as i dont have a good book - I had to get out of bed!!!

In spring I can get out of bed much easier. I love to go for an early walk and smell all the scents of spring - all the flowers and fresh grass. Not long to wait now!!

Stu and I decided last night to resume i Porky Walk after tea. Here is how we were dressed!! Al rugged up with layers and layers. Once we had our 10 lyers on, we were quite cosey!!!


Brenda said...

You have just prooved to me that you are an utter nutter, love the hat!!!!!!

Jodi said...

What? its taken this long!!! Havnt you been paying attention?!!! LOL I could have told you that months ago!!


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