Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebrating 19 Years......

Honestly, getting a photo with this man is a nightmare!!!

Look at what he gives me???

Tonight we are heading out to tea.... I told them when i booked that it was a romantic Wedding Anniversary... GUess where they sat us??? Up the back with a table reserved with a baby seat!!!
I mean, even if they tried, they couldnt have got it more wrong!!!! Grrr, some people just dont think!! And its not like there werent another bloody half a dozen seats away from the kid.
Im not saying anything about the child, i mean Stu and I took our toddlers out to restaurants all the time and they asked to be sat right down the back. The restaurant should have shown more respect for that family and the other patrons by seating us further from the child. We were all crambed in up the back when there were more than ample seating towards the front of the restaurant for everyone and the family of the toddler wouldnt have been embarrased and could have enjoyed their night also.... Such a shame when people just dont think!!

Here we are ready to go out....
Im so pleased i bought this Kermet Jacket... I love it, dress it up or down and its nice and bright!! The brighter colours suit me so much more than black or dark colours...
These are the flowers i bought stu. Alot of thought and preparation went into these my the florist. Shes so wonderful... For a balloon person, i always buy flowers for the table.. I think becuase balloons dont mean as much to me, just remind me of work.

But 19 years is bronze. SO Judy from Mariann FLorists spary painted some rose buds with bronze!! Arnt they awesome. She also sprayed the roses with a gold glitter. I must remember to ring her and thank her for the awesome job she did!!!
Stu gave me my new rings just a few weeks ago and thats all i ahve wanted for years... Going out to tea was just lovely for me.... I refuse to wash up now im home though.. Josh can clean up after himself!!! LOL

Oh, i gotta tell you too... I did two of the most gorgous clocks l;ast night... One for A2Z Scraplets - cant show you yet.... And the other for Cyberscraps... I will load up when the kit and instructions go on sale!!

Polo at Pony Camp

I ventured down to Pony Camp today to get some action shots and i have to tell you, I was so impressed!!
Honestly, this horse and Emelia are like they are in tune!!! I said to her "He knows what you want to do without any obvious direction from you". She said "I tell him what i want with my legs!!". Ive been trying to tell her that for months and with Aramac, it has finally sunk in.

WE know what we are looking for now with a horse, so its great shes having this time with him.
Emelia LOVED Polo!!!! Out of the three goals her side scored, she scored two of them and set the third one up, dribbling down to field for another team member to tap over the line. She has never picked up a polo stick before.

The instructor and troop leader where so pleased with her performace and it did her confidence the world of good!!!

Jumping on the other hand??? Well, before we would have gone for a pony club pony focasing on the arena and jumping. But now, she wants a big stock horse that she can play the rough and tumble sports on..... Its great shes had the opportunity to experiment with two completely different horses... SHes so lucky to have the oppirtunity to do that.

Here are some action photos...

Emelia is the one with her head right down.
Shes getting into it. Up out of the saddle.... I tell her to drop her arms, but she insists on holding them up. Its the only thing that shows her inexperience.. Its been about 5 months since she sat on a horse by herslef. Getting into the rough of it.
Of course, we cant forget our dear Cimmi.... Poor old thing is in the paddock missing out on all this fun...

I thought id show you the spider that lives in the lock in Cimmis food shed.. I see this guy eveyday, he comes out to say hello.
And here is fluffy old Cimmi. She looses so much hair everyday. You can pull handfuls out at a time. Hopefully eventually we will get it all out before next winter!!! LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Official Birthday

Being as Emelia is at camp this week, i took her cake down to camp tonight... It was arranged, she new what type of cake and we had discussed the balloons....
Received with questionable enthusiam....

Hmmm..... But everyone seamed to enjoy the cake.......
Dont know why she behaved this way... It was all planned, she knew what was happening.... Not to worry, i will no for next year wont i??

Our Anniversary tomorrow... 19 years!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I WON!!!!!!

I entered a couple of layouts in the 123 Cybercrop!!! I wasnt terribly happy with them... But i won Challenge 2!!! A $20 Voucher at Bons Scraps... How awesome is that!!!

Pony Camp Begins

Pony Camp began today.....
What a day... shovelling, wheel barrowing, carrying jumps....... Making beds, setting up gear..

Buts its all done now and Emelia is in for a HUGE week!!! Even leading up to the week with riding Aramac everyday she has lost weight!!! Grr!! Why cant i do that. With all the running around, i have put it on!! So not fair!!

Here they are in the stall and heading out for the first lot of instruction.

Aramac having his feet cleaned out...

Mat is up the other end of the stalls, but he is so considerate. He came down to check emelias gear for her. He is the sweetest kid. Vicki (his mum) was saying today that Emelia gives him curry, always teasing him and having a go at him!!! They are great mates also, which is so nice for this age group...

BoBunny Class by Carole Janson

I fell inlove with Carole Janson's 3D designs when her work first came to my attention at the Brisbane Scrapbooking Convention.
Id obviously seen her designs in the mags, but you cant see the depth of the layouts until you see them in real life.
Upon discovering Carole's 3D style of scrapbooking, i have been experimenting with it myself.
You can imagine my excitement when Carole featured a layout with instructions on the Bo Bunny blog....
I was there with bells on.
This is what i came up with....

In Training

We've been going out to Mat's every afternoon after school so emelia can ride aramac and they can bond...
Here is Mat with emelia teaching her about polo cross....

She was catching them eventually... throwing however... well, lets just say they will be teaching her a few things at camp.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Emelia

Emelias birthday falls during pony camp, so we celebrated tonight!! Shes 15!!!!

We had a quiet bbq at home as its been such a huge week with eveything thats gone on. Just two of four of her favorite people, Matt, Coutney, Nan and Ken. Of course the family as well.
Matt bought Emelia this gorgeous soft teddie that i have no doubt emelia will be sleeping with every night.
Court and Emelia have this thing about cute kiddie toys.... Court bough this cute little bubble maker girl.
And here they all are vegging on the lounge out the back. Josh was there too, but disappeared when the camera came out... Typical!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Final Assembly for Year 12 2008

Today my baby finished year 12!!! I cant believe it!!!

I am old enough to have a kid finished school... how old am i!!!! I feel really old!!
Join me as i stroll down memory Lane.....
Josh had a couple of starts at Kinder...
I dont have those photos on my computer....
He started Kiny at Moree Public School, then moved to Manilla Public School in June and then finished at Gunnedah South Public School in November..
Here he is in his Gunnedah South Uniform Year 1.
Year 2 and Emelia is joining him at school..
This is Josh at the end of Year 6.. still cute.. 2001And his first day at Gunnedah High School Year 7 2002
And here is he is... Last day of Year 12... 2008. How they grow
The assembly was so entertaining. They did a great job!! Here is josh being presented to the principal.
Then they had the balloon release... Representing the heights they can reach in their lives...
And off they go
Here they are on their way out.....
It was a beautiful assembly and so sad. There were lots of tears from the kids and from the parents.
As i was going through old photos... look what i found!!
That horse is Cimmi and emelia is about 8!! She has known her for years. Emelia used to go down to the back paddock and feed Cimmi and her friend grass everday... No wonder they bonded so quickly!!!
Its been a huge emotional day and i am so exhausted!! Hubby has been away for work all week and i cant sleep while he is gone... I sit up until early hours until i cant keep my eyes open any longer then have a shower and head to bed to read until i fall asleep. I used to be used to it, as he travelled all the time. But im not used to it anymore.
We txt all day and talk on msn with the camera of a lunchtime or at night..... Funny, after 20 years, we still hate being appart..... I suppose thats what love is hey??? I dont know whay i look forward to him going away as i cant stand it when he is....

A New Bike (For Me!!)

Well, i got my new bike... (Vertual) bike..

But mine isnt a panzy geek bike like stus... mine is black!!! Ive put new tires, suspention, a jet kit and muffler on... its fullly worked now and this great new paint job!!!! How awesome does this look now!!!!

Facebook is way too addictive!!

A new horse.... (Borrowed anyway)

After all the rain, yesterday Emelia finally got a chance to ride Aramac.

It was a gorgeous day.Here she is with Aramac and spud (The dog)
Trying the bends...
And here is my latest layout... the only thing i have done all week!! "Spice Up"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I did it!!!

I got a vertual motorbike the same as stus real one in our garage!!!
Ive outfitted it with a jet pack, new wheels and about to put in a new exhaust system!!!
Facebook it was too addictive!!!
This is why i dont play ebox!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So much for my Scrap Day :(

So much for my scrapping day today with the girls..
FOr one reason or another it just didnt happen and Brenda got the most gorgeous layout done at her place!!! Grr!
All I did today was run around after poeple!!!
But, in between times, i did go up a level on Motocycle Madness and getting myslef some good wheels!!!

Im aiming for a vertual bike the same as Stus real one....
This is all on Facebook mind you... I know.. How Uni student am i???? Very sad!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Equine Bonding

We went out to meet Aramac today... Well, i did anyway. Emelia has riden him previously, but i hadnt met him and seen what he was like.
We just spent an hour grooming him and talking to him, lettinghim get to know us before emelia goes riding around on him.
Hes lovely and quiet.
Mat took him for a good ride this morning and he went really well.
We were hoping emelia woul;d get to have a ride today, but its pouring rain, so it didnt happen.
Maybe tomorrow.

We have dedided to buy her her own horse. Of course Cimmi is staying with us, we love her so much. And Emelia can still ride her, thats not the problem. She just wont have the endurance to last a full week at pony camp.

Here is a photo i found on my phone when i was downloading the horsey ones.... Cool hey?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Sunburnt Day

It was another action packed day in the Dolbel house this lovely Sunday!!!

It was grading day at for Pony Camp.

Very sad.
We were told that it might not be a good idea for Emelia to bring Cimmi to Camp. We were both devistated!!! Emelia has really bonded with this horse. Thanks to Cimmi, Emelia is now back to her old new and improved self... I really think Cimmi was looking forward to it to.

But we always new, Cimmi was a horse for a beginner, and Emelia isnt a beginner anymore. Usually kids do take much longer to reach this stage (we were told today, that they have been watching Cimmi for a while, but as Emelia was so new didnt think it would pose a problem). But Emelia has picked horse riding up so quickly... Shes also had some pretty good constant advise from Mat, so she has come ahead really fast....

Thank goodness, Mats family has a horse she can use for camp, and we will have to look at getting her something.... We dont mind buying her a horse at all, but Cimmi is so special. We love her. She will always be in the paddock though and emelia wills till ride her and i can ride the new one....

But here are some photos of our weekend.

At first Cimmi wasnt too happy about these jumps..

But she came around eventually..
Then again..
Heres stu on the track.... He came second today!!! Very happy..
Renai is in the red.. he took first place. And Chopper is on the black bike...
And here is Josho....
So this was out Sunday.. We have been on horse deals and it looks like we might be able to buy something appropriate. We dont want an expensive horse, just something for emelia to ahve fun on and jump with..
Looking forward to Tuesday... Scrapbooking fortnight this week!! Yippee!!

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