Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Colours of Spring

I was inspired to take some flower photos this morning. The colours are so vibrant for spring.
Its such a beautiful day today... These photos actually belong to a neighbour

Some daiseys - these are ours...
So is this one...
But look at the grass!! Stu toped dressed ready for the rain on SUnday and now we are carting mud through the house!!!!
Had a coffee with Jack and Brenda this morning which was nice. Been so long since i caught up with them and you miss out on so much... I was like Ok, so whats the story behind that!! Must be very fristrating. Thank goodness for blogs, at least one can keep up with stuff to some extent!!!

Here is me infront of the May bush... I think i did a similar photo last spring as part of the 365 challenge...
Got the ironing done today. So i get to scrap tonight. Just one more wedding quote to do and then i can!!!


Tanyah Payne said...

The flower pics are beautiful Jodi!.. Thank you so much for you lovley comments. I really love your overal cards too and the layout below is awesome!

lindy said...

Love your Lo Jodi
and the overall card is super
would that be a boy card ha!


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