Monday, September 22, 2008

Equine Bonding

We went out to meet Aramac today... Well, i did anyway. Emelia has riden him previously, but i hadnt met him and seen what he was like.
We just spent an hour grooming him and talking to him, lettinghim get to know us before emelia goes riding around on him.
Hes lovely and quiet.
Mat took him for a good ride this morning and he went really well.
We were hoping emelia woul;d get to have a ride today, but its pouring rain, so it didnt happen.
Maybe tomorrow.

We have dedided to buy her her own horse. Of course Cimmi is staying with us, we love her so much. And Emelia can still ride her, thats not the problem. She just wont have the endurance to last a full week at pony camp.

Here is a photo i found on my phone when i was downloading the horsey ones.... Cool hey?



Lisa A said...

Love the horsey pics and especially that one you took of the sky, i am totally into photos like that...

kerry said...

Oh look at the horsey love the street pic too.Take care Kerry xx

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