Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Polo at Pony Camp

I ventured down to Pony Camp today to get some action shots and i have to tell you, I was so impressed!!
Honestly, this horse and Emelia are like they are in tune!!! I said to her "He knows what you want to do without any obvious direction from you". She said "I tell him what i want with my legs!!". Ive been trying to tell her that for months and with Aramac, it has finally sunk in.

WE know what we are looking for now with a horse, so its great shes having this time with him.
Emelia LOVED Polo!!!! Out of the three goals her side scored, she scored two of them and set the third one up, dribbling down to field for another team member to tap over the line. She has never picked up a polo stick before.

The instructor and troop leader where so pleased with her performace and it did her confidence the world of good!!!

Jumping on the other hand??? Well, before we would have gone for a pony club pony focasing on the arena and jumping. But now, she wants a big stock horse that she can play the rough and tumble sports on..... Its great shes had the opportunity to experiment with two completely different horses... SHes so lucky to have the oppirtunity to do that.

Here are some action photos...

Emelia is the one with her head right down.
Shes getting into it. Up out of the saddle.... I tell her to drop her arms, but she insists on holding them up. Its the only thing that shows her inexperience.. Its been about 5 months since she sat on a horse by herslef. Getting into the rough of it.
Of course, we cant forget our dear Cimmi.... Poor old thing is in the paddock missing out on all this fun...

I thought id show you the spider that lives in the lock in Cimmis food shed.. I see this guy eveyday, he comes out to say hello.
And here is fluffy old Cimmi. She looses so much hair everyday. You can pull handfuls out at a time. Hopefully eventually we will get it all out before next winter!!! LOL

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