Saturday, September 13, 2008

We've had a big few days

Boy have we had a big few days!!!
Friday night, my Uncle Rob arrived to town and he very graciously shouted us out for tea to the Services Club!! It was so yummy!!
I have lambs bum on hot rocks with mint sause..... hmmmm.... yummo!!!
Then today i was up at 6.ooam.... now this is HUGE for me who normally rolls out of bed at 8.00am as i am usually scrapping all night!!!!

Big Balloon day.
One function at the Ski Gardens....
A ladies 50th....
Then this pink and yellow function for a 60th...

Anrnt these cute... a bargain at $7 each!!!

Then it was the clown!!!! I hate the clown!! But i must admit this party was really sweet!! They even had their own jumping castle in the back yard!! How awesome for a 6 year old!! The worst behaved was the 9 year old ring in who did this pitiful fake cry all day!! Thank goodness she werent my kid - id have no patience for that kinda rubbish!!!

So here she is today...... Welcome Mrs Clown... (I know, what kinda clown name is that. I kindy teacher called me this at my first appearance and it stuck!!)
The i had another 50th at the bowling club.... Guess what the theme was..

Then it was off to Mums for a bbq tonight.... Playing pool was hilarious!!! Emelia and Matt whipped everyone!! Including UNcle ROb whos a bit of a goer at snooker!!! (Will have some photos when Mum emails me)

Other than all that...
Here is a layout I did on Tuesdays scrap day at Brendas.. I love this photo!!!

And here is a sneak peak of a class kit im doing for Scrap with V. Using the Moxxie Filly paper range.. I love these papers.. so gotta get the set!!!
Pop into the online shop to purchase the class that has full colour instructions.... This is a beginners layout... with some easy stitching!!
So, thats it for me..

More horsey photos tomorrow when Cimmi and Emelia attend the camp draft training school... I think the cows are actually taller than Cimmi!! But shes bathed and shiny and ready for action!!

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Joanne said...

Congrats on all the hits, It sounds like you had a busy few days, I love your layouts I love that black and white paper I have some at home. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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