Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tree of Happiness

The lovely Susan has passed on the tree of happiness...
So now its my turn to list 6 things that make me happy and pass the tree onto six other bloggers who bring me pleasure when i read their blogs....

Six things that make me happy:

1. Getting along with my teenagers.
2. Enjoying the company of my friends.
3. Sharing quiet time with Stu
4. Creating
5. Spending time with all of my family
6. Rain (Because this makes Stu happy - which makes everyone happy!!)

Now i pass this onto 6 other bloggers....

1. Brenda.. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what yourve been upto on the farm
2. Jack.... Catching up with your comings and goings even though you live 2 doors away!!!
3. Kerry..... Seeing the gorgeous photos of your new grandson and little Miss M
4. Kosmo... who along with his little hairy friend is always upto mischief
5. Kaysie... who i also need to keep up with through her blog even though we live across the road!!
6. Amanda... Becuase i really find a great deal of happiness sharing your pregnancy...

So there are my six bloggers. Thanks for bringing happiness into my life!!


kerry said...

Thanks chick that is great.have a great weekend take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Hey Miss Jodi you got it right me and my hairy friend are always up to no good LOL

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