Thursday, September 25, 2008

Final Assembly for Year 12 2008

Today my baby finished year 12!!! I cant believe it!!!

I am old enough to have a kid finished school... how old am i!!!! I feel really old!!
Join me as i stroll down memory Lane.....
Josh had a couple of starts at Kinder...
I dont have those photos on my computer....
He started Kiny at Moree Public School, then moved to Manilla Public School in June and then finished at Gunnedah South Public School in November..
Here he is in his Gunnedah South Uniform Year 1.
Year 2 and Emelia is joining him at school..
This is Josh at the end of Year 6.. still cute.. 2001And his first day at Gunnedah High School Year 7 2002
And here is he is... Last day of Year 12... 2008. How they grow
The assembly was so entertaining. They did a great job!! Here is josh being presented to the principal.
Then they had the balloon release... Representing the heights they can reach in their lives...
And off they go
Here they are on their way out.....
It was a beautiful assembly and so sad. There were lots of tears from the kids and from the parents.
As i was going through old photos... look what i found!!
That horse is Cimmi and emelia is about 8!! She has known her for years. Emelia used to go down to the back paddock and feed Cimmi and her friend grass everday... No wonder they bonded so quickly!!!
Its been a huge emotional day and i am so exhausted!! Hubby has been away for work all week and i cant sleep while he is gone... I sit up until early hours until i cant keep my eyes open any longer then have a shower and head to bed to read until i fall asleep. I used to be used to it, as he travelled all the time. But im not used to it anymore.
We txt all day and talk on msn with the camera of a lunchtime or at night..... Funny, after 20 years, we still hate being appart..... I suppose thats what love is hey??? I dont know whay i look forward to him going away as i cant stand it when he is....


Lisa A said...

I fully understand about not sleeping when the hubby is not home. Brett & I have been married 18yrs and been together 20yrs on 20th October this year, he is a truck driver and use to be away alot , but not now for many many years, but last year here he did a spate of afternoon shift for about almost 3 mths, and it almost killed me i couldnt sleep till he got home in the early early hours of the morning...but back to normal now....Josh looked great...I hope our little chat last night helped...and thanks for listening to me as well...............

Maria said...

Hi Jodi,

Wow Jody congratulations on Josh finishing year 12, I wish him all the best for his future life.
I feel for you about your sleeping situation mine is gone for 6 weeks and I am a like you as well, I hear every little noise and out comes my baseball bat, my trusty friend sleeps under my pillow....
Have you tried taking something herbal to help you get a good night' sleep.
Hope you have a chance to sit back and relax this weekend, take care

kerry said...

Hey Jodi,As you know Col travels all the time i stay up too just watching tv or going on the computer.Congrats to Josh too that is a huge milestone and you think your old wait for the grandkids that is when you think god i'm old lol.Take care Kerry xx

Carole Janson said...

Lots going on for you Jodi, and lots of memories, I so need a goodnights sleep as well.

Take Care.

Carole xx

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