Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Fun....

I did a fun photoshoot with Stu last night..

At Scrap with V this weekend we are having a cybercrop....(As i have mentioned)... Anyway, the title is: If i could.
We had to ask our partners, if they could change three things what would they be:

Stus answers were
Stop drought
World peace
Cure Cancer

So I thought what a better photo that a Mr Universe Photo complete with tiara!!!

And here is the layout.
As usuall there are alot of other criteria... and i forgot the crown on the chipboard man.. its still drying... so i will glue it on and take another photo in the sun tomorrow..
Also, other BIG NEWS!!!

Cimmi got new shoes today, shes such a good girl. She quietly let the nice shoe man put them on for her...
Bit of a worry that they dont come in pink!! Honestly, what the equestrian world coming to when a girl cant get a pair of pink shoes!!!

Here they are having a snuggle...
Also, one lot of the many balloons i did today... These are cute little butterfly ones...

So thats the day so far.

Heading over the Scrap with V at 7.00pm for Charmains Mystery class. So cant wait! Come and join us..... Oh.. there is also a sneak peak at her blog.... here


Anonymous said...

Where's the Mr Universe Swimsuit photo's?

Lisa A said...

Lvoe the photos of Mr Universe, never would have thought of that one myself...Great Work!!!!!!!!

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