Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Sunburnt Day

It was another action packed day in the Dolbel house this lovely Sunday!!!

It was grading day at for Pony Camp.

Very sad.
We were told that it might not be a good idea for Emelia to bring Cimmi to Camp. We were both devistated!!! Emelia has really bonded with this horse. Thanks to Cimmi, Emelia is now back to her old new and improved self... I really think Cimmi was looking forward to it to.

But we always new, Cimmi was a horse for a beginner, and Emelia isnt a beginner anymore. Usually kids do take much longer to reach this stage (we were told today, that they have been watching Cimmi for a while, but as Emelia was so new didnt think it would pose a problem). But Emelia has picked horse riding up so quickly... Shes also had some pretty good constant advise from Mat, so she has come ahead really fast....

Thank goodness, Mats family has a horse she can use for camp, and we will have to look at getting her something.... We dont mind buying her a horse at all, but Cimmi is so special. We love her. She will always be in the paddock though and emelia wills till ride her and i can ride the new one....

But here are some photos of our weekend.

At first Cimmi wasnt too happy about these jumps..

But she came around eventually..
Then again..
Heres stu on the track.... He came second today!!! Very happy..
Renai is in the red.. he took first place. And Chopper is on the black bike...
And here is Josho....
So this was out Sunday.. We have been on horse deals and it looks like we might be able to buy something appropriate. We dont want an expensive horse, just something for emelia to ahve fun on and jump with..
Looking forward to Tuesday... Scrapbooking fortnight this week!! Yippee!!


kerry said...

Poor horsey but its good that Emila is dong so well.Thats good news.I hope that she bonds with her next horse as well.take care Kerry xx

Joanne said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend, sorry about Cimmi, congrats to Emelia for doing so well.


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