Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Oh no!!! Do you know what happened today???

Its been such a hectic weekend, with the wedding and dds birthday and all!!! All I thought about was getting all this done.

I completely forgot that today was our wedding anniversary!!! Totally didnt even give it a thought.

So as I was lying in bed thismorning trying to wake up and my husband put this lovely wrapped box in my hand and said "Happy Anniversary", I nearly died!! Its not the wifes position to forget these things!!!

I was totally sick that i forgot.......

Anyway, this is what was in the package.....

I had eyed this off a while ago and dragged stu into the jewellery shop and showed him, not thinking anymore about it as i have done that before, and stus bought something else...... So how stoked was i!!!!

We did come to an agreement though... My gift would be a ful body massage and lamb shanks for tea. I make the BEST lamb shanks. Better than the restaurants!! I dont cook much, but the few things i do cook, I cook really well!!! They were totally wicked!!!

And here we are, still blissfully happy after 18 years together!!!

Happy Anniversary darling... I lvoe you more than ever!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHAT A DAY!!!! - 101

What a day I had today!! So busy!!!

I had a wedding, a 21st, an 18th and an 80th...... Plus it was dd's birthday!!! Boy oh boy!!

We celebrated dd's birthday with a dinner at the golf club. She had a lovely time with her best friend and boy firend.... and of course us!!

Here are the birdy lovers (Thats what dd used to call couples!!!) too funny!

The kids.
This wedding was THE MOST AWESOME!!! thing you have seen. By far the absolute best wedding i have done. It was so hard to visualise at the main colour was black, but OMG!! It turned out amaising!!

These dresses are the most gorgeous dresses I ahve seen in a wedding party. So individual!!! the bride wore white, but look at that red panal at the back on the train!!! A local dress maker made this!! The mother of the bride made the bridemaids dresses!!

Arnt they lovely!!
Now, the room. Thhis turned out so far above my expectations!! I totally cant believe it!!!
The Bridal table and cake table!! The balloon backdrop
Up close

Cake table up close

The dance floor

Look at this waiter!!! 2 days it took to get this finished!!!

The room

After all this exaustion it was time to go out to tea!! Thank god i didnt have to cook!!
This was day 101 for me!!! Thank god its nearly over!!


Day 100 sees me hugely busy!! Wedding Fever!!!
I'll tell you more when i have the time....

Here is my lamp stand for the wedding.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 99!! One more day till the Century!!!

Had a HUGE day today. Started out with a walk to porky, then balloon deliveries, coffee with the girls, wedding preparation, trip to tamworth, then more wedding preparations. Just got home in time to take and upload todays photos.

Here are the photos of the Year 12 balloon release today. Last day for them. How exciting!!! The future is bright these days for all kids. The world is such a small place now!!

This is a photo of me and ds who is very happy as he bought (with his own money earned from werking a real job - not just working over his mother!!) a Halo 3 Wbox e60 package... he is setting it up in this photo....

Thats all for me. Time for shower and bed. Night!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 98 - Preparations Begin

The wedding season is really going to kick in in a big way this weekend. I have started all the preparation for a HUGE balloon wedding.

I'll be making things that i have seen done - but not done myself, so Im a bit nervous. Usually all goes to plan though. Only once i have had to panick, but went for plan E and no-one knew the difference!! Had i have known at the time though, the price would have been HEAPS more than i charged!!!
Here is a photo of that wedding. It was at the PCYC and the problem came with getting all that material and lights to sit in the air!!! But it was a 8 point canopy and then we had like 12 runs of fairy lights at either end of the canopy across the room too!! it looked totally awesome!! There are a few things that would have made it totally awesome, but due to budgetory demands, they had to save a bit hear and there.

But back to this weekends wedding. I am making this waiter out of balloons. He will be holding a seating plan and also a tray containing notes that people can leave "telegram" messages on. He will be located at the entrace - obviously!!

The theme for the wedding in Black with only touches of red!! Awesome!! So i am doing this backdrop behind the bridal table..... the bridal table wil have a gorgeous full tulle skirt with black satin draping, and a cake table to match.

This is going to be the dance floor but in black with a little red....
I am also making 4 lamp stands that will have balloons at the top which light up like a lamp.
These large ballons will also have lights in them - but this is a surprise for the bride and groom, they dont know Im doing that......

And this is my photo for today...... I am putting on weight!! I can totally feel it and am now starting tpo feel it. I my shoulders too. I dont know if i am bulking up due to the workouts at the gym!! Im hoping not!!! I will give it another month... I have cut back to onlu three sessions a week and walking up to Porky lookout everyday. I so hoping this works!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 97 - An early morning walk

We had an early morning rise this morning, up at six to walk up porky!! Here is the view from the top. Its lovely and green......

Talk about working out the butt!!! God it was hard, but up the hill everyday will soon develop the butt muscles again!!!!

Here are some lovely photos.....

And here is day 97, under the elm....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 96 - Another boring day!!

Well, it was another boring day today. Just cleaning. I hate Mondays!!! I still have that damn Dyson Vaccum!! Its not working again. Must wash the filter and see if that helps.

Didnt shower this morning. Went to the gym and came home and cleaned the house..... thats all i did - not worth getting all dressed up for!!

this is me and the cat. We arent that great a mates!! I dont feed him - so he doenst like me. Hes my husbands cat. LOL

But look what happened last night!!! I jambed my finger in the door and i thought i broke it. See, theres bruising there!!! Its hurt so much it made me sick to the stomach! I totally wanted to vomit!!!

So, thats my Monday. Hope your was more exciting!!!
Seeya tomorrow for another chapter!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 95 - Typical Sunday

Well, my Sunday was typical with the usual clothes washing, scrapbooking and eating all the wrong foods!!!

I did a couple of layouts this weekend. One i didnt bother to takes photos of... it was one of those archery pages i have to scrap - but its boring for everyone except us!! LOL

Then i wanted to use this months Sissy pack, so I scrapped Brendas birthday!! It turned out lovely. Im pretty happy with the result!!

Seeing as I was just staying at home today - I just had my daggys on and didnt even do my hair!! But took the photo anyway. After being in those gorgeous gardens yesterday and seeing some beautiful trees, I thought Id show you out comparison!!
Here is our elm tree. I am standing at the base of it and it probably stands maybe my height again, maybe half more....
Then theres the one from Pilatus!!! Hmm, lots more growing to be done yet - little tree!!!

Thats it for me... seeeya mondy!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 94 - Open Gardens Scheme Weekend!!

Hubby and i had a not date this weekend at the open garden scheme.

It was a totally beautiful day for it with not a cloud in the sky.
The first garden we went to visit was "Pilatus" and ny far the most beautiful.

This is my photo for the day first off - infront of the most gorgeous wisteria vine!!!

The entrance to Pilatus. The house was built in 1935, but the gardens really didnt get serious until 1959. The gardens are very informal with not a straight line anywhere!!!

There were some lovely water features and a few feature plants, but most of all, it was just lots of very normal everyday plants.!

Walking into the garden

Next was "Jindalee". This property is for sale for a cool 3 1/2 million......

The house in an Austam Kit Home and built in March 2003, with the gardens commencing the same year. So its only a relatively young garden, but beautiful just the same.

The next garden was "Gunnible". Ive been there a few times already to set up functions for the National Party. It was one of the featured venues for the National Party State COnference a couple of years ago that i did the decorations for.. so i knew what the expect.

The house is totally gorgeous made largy of huge sandstone blocks. But the garden doesnt feature plants, but a huge variety of trees. The house was built in the 1870's. The property was once owned by Bill Moses from Weebollabolla in Moree. (Thats for the ladies further north!!)

All up it was a totally gorgeous morning with my husband. Ds worked and dd sat infront of th tv all morning..... so what more can a mum and dad ask for??

Friday, September 21, 2007

Totally adicted to FACEBOOK!!

Isnt this cute!! I found her at facebook, where i have been spending way too much time lately!! You should check it out. Its where you can catch up with old friends!! Its cool.....

Day 93 - We shopped til we dropped!!

This photo should have been taken yesterday, however, we forgot!! So here is our shopping that we did last night. We had a lvoely time!!!

Here is todays photo. My favorite for today is my shirt. This is my favorite pink shirt for this week!!
This is my running around today!! Its all i seamed to do. The Relay for Life is on tonight! I did actually nomiate to be on a team, but wasnt notified on any roster or anything - so obviously i wasnt wanted!! Not to worry - I'l join another team next year. But anyway, so I was running around collecting helium for teams!! Im in my car!!

Brenda and I breakfasted at the verdict today. Poor Jackie has still got sick kids, so we went for a visit later in the day.

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