Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day 88 - Sunday...... Sleep in day!!!

Yeh, right... sleep in. I decided not to go to Archery today. Several reasons, one of which was to have a sleep in... well, as quiet as my hubby tried to be - it just didnt happen. He was even so careful not to wake me, that i didnt even get my kiss goodbye!!! That woke me up more that anything - not getting my goodmorning kiss!!! I told him this and he promised not to not do it again!!!
But anyway, having lost my sleep in, i decided to lay in bed and read for a little while. had a few appointments today, had to pull down the wedding from yesterday and do a consult for the year 12 formal.
DD went to bf place for the day, so i was on my own.... What did i choose to do - washing!! Fool that I am!!!
But I did get a little scrapping done. I did 1 1/2 double layouts. Nothing spectacular - still working on the Wagga wagga photos. I like to scrap everything - not just pages of the same thing like kids!! I also like to tell a story, so use lots of photos. I am slowly discovering what i like after experimenting with many forms of scrapbooking. I started off with a few photos per page and then went to one photo - as thats what the mags seamed to want. But most time, the stories I am telling need more than one photo!!
My FAVORITE for today is my favorite daughter lol!! I only have one and shes it whether she likes it or not!! Though after the uphieval of the last few months - we are starting to get along much better now!!!
Our little rabbit is so cute. Hes just like the cat now. He hangs out at the fridge wating for someone to feed him. Where he is sitting is the edge of the mat next to the fridge. From this point he has to walk on lino and he hates it. He will leave his back legs on the mat and really stretch to see what is coming out of the fridge and into his mouth!! He just expects that everyone who is having something to eat will automatically feed him too. Which they do. So theres four of us, which means he is having very regular snacks throughout the night!!! We keep warning him about his waist line - but he just doesnt listen!! Spoilt little cutie he is!!!

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi great picture of you and dd and great layouts fror the challenges boy you have been a busy little chick.Good to see you had a busy weekend mine was to you soon take care Kerryxo

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