Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 98 - Preparations Begin

The wedding season is really going to kick in in a big way this weekend. I have started all the preparation for a HUGE balloon wedding.

I'll be making things that i have seen done - but not done myself, so Im a bit nervous. Usually all goes to plan though. Only once i have had to panick, but went for plan E and no-one knew the difference!! Had i have known at the time though, the price would have been HEAPS more than i charged!!!
Here is a photo of that wedding. It was at the PCYC and the problem came with getting all that material and lights to sit in the air!!! But it was a 8 point canopy and then we had like 12 runs of fairy lights at either end of the canopy across the room too!! it looked totally awesome!! There are a few things that would have made it totally awesome, but due to budgetory demands, they had to save a bit hear and there.

But back to this weekends wedding. I am making this waiter out of balloons. He will be holding a seating plan and also a tray containing notes that people can leave "telegram" messages on. He will be located at the entrace - obviously!!

The theme for the wedding in Black with only touches of red!! Awesome!! So i am doing this backdrop behind the bridal table..... the bridal table wil have a gorgeous full tulle skirt with black satin draping, and a cake table to match.

This is going to be the dance floor but in black with a little red....
I am also making 4 lamp stands that will have balloons at the top which light up like a lamp.
These large ballons will also have lights in them - but this is a surprise for the bride and groom, they dont know Im doing that......

And this is my photo for today...... I am putting on weight!! I can totally feel it and am now starting tpo feel it. I my shoulders too. I dont know if i am bulking up due to the workouts at the gym!! Im hoping not!!! I will give it another month... I have cut back to onlu three sessions a week and walking up to Porky lookout everyday. I so hoping this works!!!

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Lea Adcock said...

These look stunning Jodi. Love the waiter he's awesome. You do a wonderful job.

Plus I tag you too.




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