Saturday, September 15, 2007

Action Packed Saturday......

Well, it was a very action packed Saturday... but as long as i get some scrapping done than I am happy.

My FAVORITE for today is just that. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday is scrapbooking... and here i am at my desk just downloading my next lot of photos!!

Cyberscraps is having a cybercrop this weekend... some great challenges. Ive finished mine now - all three of them and i still have one day to go!!!
I showed you Challenge one that i did last night, now this one is challenge two - use junk/rubbish from around the house on your layout. this was totally hard!! In the end I ended up using the big green flower. I rescued this from the rubbish bin when i was cleaning the kids bathroom the other day. My daughter pulled it off her shower cap as she didnt think it was cool enough having that great big flower on her forehead (personally I love mine!!! - See previous posts). So this is that layout "Its your day"
This next challemge has to be predominately yellow!! Well i think i have managed that. But check out the photos. How great for this layout!!!! I also pulled some things out of the rubbish for this one too. Those little butterflies were things i bought years ago for the balloons - to decorate boxes etc.. but never used them... they've been pushed around a bit and now have ended up on this layout!! "Paddocks full of Sunshine"
After Josh finished work today, he and Stu took to bikes for a ride t0 Manilla. Josh hasnt been off that bbike since he got his L's on Monday!! Good on him!! He finally has a social life!!!
Look at this cute couple. This is emelia and her gorgeous boyfriend. He is totally cute and such a sweet guy, Im very pleased Emelia has found a nice bloke to spend time with.

I also spent the day working - as i do most Saturdays... really considering I have also done the washing and taken Emelia clothes shopping, cooked tea and watched half a movie - Ive had a very productive day today!!
This wedding was out at the rugby club. Very simple.... It was a lunch time wedding.

I did the backdrop, bridal table and balloons.
This is what the room looked like..
As part of my productive day, I also had a 50th Wedding Anniversary bouquet to deliver.....

And also an engagement party at the pcyc..... See I have been very productive...

Now for other exciting news...... after much "come on - what ar you doing woman!!"... Brenda and I's partner in crime, Jacquie has finally got her blog spot up and running..... big cheer!! Yippee!!!!!
So go and take a look at her blog...
Im very proud of Jack as she was one of my very first scrapbooking students and she has done some wonderful layouts. Check out her slide show with her cards for the 365 day challenge... Totally Awsome... Congratulations!!!
Now thats it for me today....
Hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive!!

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Jack said...

WOW You have had a busy day Jodi...I love your layouts and I love the lunch time wedding - no doubt about it woman you are one "talented girl"

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