Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 90

Had a pretty average day today. Woke up with a headache, as i have done now everymorning since 1st Setptember...... Ive been sniffing those snorty things for hay fever, but it doesnt stop the headaches!!

Went to curves and did an advance workout this morning. Found out that going 5 days a week will have the exact opposite effect of what i want to achieve! Like great!!! So thats why im bulking!!! So now i am cutting back to three days and taking myslef of for a walk everyday. Gotta get an ipod!!

So, i thought it light of my current exercise regime, I would share with you my favorite for today:

These are the best best shoes i have bought!!! Totally 100% comfy and great support. I bought them for running, but the novelty wore off running and i just use them for the gym and i will walk up porky in them!!!

But while i was out the back taking photos of my shoes, I noticed the may bushes putting on their show and couldnt help but take a few photos of them too.

Heres me!!

May bush 1

May bush 2, and theres another one out the front. They arnt as flowery as usual, as we are coming out of a droubt and watering just isnt the same as rain for the plants.

So thats it for me today. Thanks for stopping by
Have a good one

1 comment:

kerry said...

Hi Jodi, Good to see you exercising more than me that is that wouldnt be hard i never exersize.I hope all is well talk soon take care Kerry


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