Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 78....... My Favorite Friends!!!!


Feeling a little better today after a very emotional draining day yesterday!!! The jury s still out on the bad mother thing..... but like Dr Phil says:
Our job is to take care of our children, and keep them safe - not to be their friends, they have plenty of them......

This is my photo for the day..... Day 78. Cant believe that i ahve stuck to this project for so long now!! Boy oh boy - and I havnt cheated once......

We all know now that our new best friends Brenda celebrated her 21st?? birthday yesterday - but we celebrated today - as the kids are in care today!!

This is Brenda enjoying a glass of our favorite wine......Mascato!!

Brenda, Jacquie and I went to The Verdict (Our Place!!) to celebrate Brendas birthday. We had wine and a gorgeous lunch!!! Complete with pressies, cake & Candles & Balloons......... It was lovely

And as we are doing FAVORITES this month..... These two guys are my favorite friends......

We lashed out on the cake didnt we......

Heres Brenda blowing out the candles!! We did sing Happy Birthday in the cafe too.... how embaresment!!!!

Here is my latest layout. Birthday Girl.........

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