Sunday, September 2, 2007


Happy Fathers Day to all our Dads!!! They are great blokes. My kids have a fantastic father.. never could they even think to chose a better one!!!

Of course - this is the retailers way to cash in on our Dads... but even so, what do you buy them. Like most Dads, Stu just goes to the shops if he wants something. The only things he doesnt have are those things to expensive for him to buy!!!

So I mad him a "Father of the Year Album" - got the reaction I thought it would - "Yeh, Ive seen all these photos before!!" Hohum!!

We got a bag full of chocy from Darrel Lee!!! He really wanted a "Rockwheller Turd" LOL. At easter, Darrel Lee had a big chunk of turkish delight that looked like a big dog pooh. Stu called it Rockwheller Turd!!. But they didnt have any, so he was dissapointed.

But we did give him a morning on his own doing Archery. The girls stayed home.... So he was happy!! LOL

Here he is with his stuff!!!

Onto my FAVORITE for the day........ Being Fathers Day, I blew up a few balloons for delivery today. And I must say, that this job is by far my favorite job!! Working for myself and all the freedom that comes with it is great!!!

Here i am with a delivery for a young boys birthday today!!! Pirate, skeleton and spider balloons... whatmore can a boy ask for!!!

Here i am with a giant cow balloon. My face is at his bum end!!!
This was the full bouquet. Going to a retired farmer!!
Thats it for me today. Have a great fathers day. Im off to scrap now..... will load up the finised product!!

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Tracey said...

Love love love the cow balloon, and all of you photos.

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