Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 95 - Typical Sunday

Well, my Sunday was typical with the usual clothes washing, scrapbooking and eating all the wrong foods!!!

I did a couple of layouts this weekend. One i didnt bother to takes photos of... it was one of those archery pages i have to scrap - but its boring for everyone except us!! LOL

Then i wanted to use this months Sissy pack, so I scrapped Brendas birthday!! It turned out lovely. Im pretty happy with the result!!

Seeing as I was just staying at home today - I just had my daggys on and didnt even do my hair!! But took the photo anyway. After being in those gorgeous gardens yesterday and seeing some beautiful trees, I thought Id show you out comparison!!
Here is our elm tree. I am standing at the base of it and it probably stands maybe my height again, maybe half more....
Then theres the one from Pilatus!!! Hmm, lots more growing to be done yet - little tree!!!

Thats it for me... seeeya mondy!!


Jack said...

Love the layout Jodi...the colours are just gorgeous. As for being in dag abouts all day - hey isn't that what weekends are for?!(lol)

kerry said...

Hey Jodi, i'm a dag most days but this weekend i didnt get out of my pjs ,we have all been sick with gastro since friday yuk.Lovely gardens.


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