Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thanks Kerry!!!

Without a doubt, my altime FAVORITE thing is to get pressies in the mail which is just what i got today from Kerry. My RAK from the Pay It Forward!!

Like... Totally....WOW!!!! Check out what this lovely lady sent me!!!

And I totally love these heidi swap stamps!!!

Thanks so much Kerry, you have the absolute BEST taste!!!

HERE is my day 83 photo!! EVIL EYES!!!!
I've been seeing shadows in my vision this last couple of days. So i rang the optomitrist as i had eye surgery recently to weld a tear shut in my retina. They thought there could be a posibility of the retina lifting altogether - which is BAD!!

So I was told to get in the car straight away and drive to Tamworth to have them checked!!

Doctors are so great really!! He was running 2 hours behind and still took the time to check my eyes..... to find nothing!! Which is a HUGE relief. But not totallu out of the woods. I still have to wait until Thursday and if its gets worse - go back again. "Dont bother making an appointmnet - just tunr up" were his words. I finish at 3. WHat great people we have in our country doctors!!!

Notice the HUGE middle bit!!!

This is a photo I was trying to take while my cornias (Is that what the middle bit is?) were so HUGE!! But I couldnt open my eyes outside!! Too funny!! Thought Id share....

So a little more exciting today.

I forgot to mention that my nearly 17 year old son got his motorbike L's!! We havnt seen him since!!! FREEDOM!! Theres nothing like it at that age - rememeber!!

Its nearly 5.00pm and he still isnt home from school. Theres no phone calls from emergancy - so its all good!!! LOL

Seeya tomorra!!! XX

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kerry said...

Hi Jodi,

Your welcome i hope that you het good use from them.I hope that your eyes will be okay.great layout of your mum and you looks cool.talk to you soon take care Kerry xoxox


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