Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 76 - Favorites

Today has been one of those days I would rather forget..... well, parts of it anyway.
Have a headache!!! Damn kids induced one.......

But on a brighter note, did this balloon arch for the newsagents. Its a big lotto week next week - apparently???

This is a photo of me building it..... (Hmmm, never seen myself from this angle before - dont like those stripes around the hips!!)

Here is the completed product. This will last about two weeks in the shop with all the traffic etc...

This photo is todays favorite.....(After i went to Brendas site and saw hers!!! _ no originality i know,....)

My favorite wine is Brown Brothers Moscato. Its a sweet wine and is totally lovely!!! Dont drink anything else - wine wise that it....

So, thats it for today... very boring i know. Sorry....
Seeya tomorrow

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Don't think those big balloons are going to last that long if my kids go near them! lol
Hmmm Moscato I seem to remember sharing a bottle or two of that with you, not a bad drop!

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