Saturday, September 1, 2007


We are doing favorites on the 365 day challenge now and this one is EASY!!!

My favorite season is SPRING!!! I totally love it!!!

But spring is a two edged sword for me. On the one hand I love the scents of spring, the shrubs, the flowers, all the wild flowers - but on the other hand, I suffer dreadful sinus!!! Anyone thats heard me sneeze will testify!!! I dont do one sneeze - I do like 10!! No joke, no exageration!!!!
Here is me celebrating spring!! Oh, by the way - black so isnt my colour!!! I have a wedding to decorate today, so I am in my Wedding ELegance uniform!!! I chose it, its my own worst fault!!!!

My balloons uniform is Pink!! A bit much for a wedding decorator i think......

See all the lovely turnup weed behind me? This is at the back fence. Turnup weed is my worst enemy in spring!! But doesnt it look great!!!

Even the kitty kat is enjoying spring...... he found a leave to play with!!!


Now, I am totally proud of myself with this layout and i think i will submit it to the cybescraps DT competition.
I have been using alot of either Pips, or Brendas work for inspiration on photo layout, design and different things, but with this one (still using all I have learnt from these ladies) i put together this one by myself. Pip did an artcile recently on making a border with paint, so I used that..... I found some old mesh and made stars and thing..... used arrows from the Reject Shop bargain bin..... and this is how it turned out. I am really happy with it and completely guilt free that this one is all MINE!!!!
First wedding for the season: See my wedding blog for more details:

These lillys are hand made from balloons......


kerry said...

really cool layout Jodi stop feeling guilty about looking and getting ideas of other people's as i'm sure that they all do the same they would not be able too come up with every single ide themselves.take care Kerry xo

Brenda said...

Great layout jodi and I don't think you give yourself enough credit for what you have done!

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