Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 93 - We shopped til we dropped!!

This photo should have been taken yesterday, however, we forgot!! So here is our shopping that we did last night. We had a lvoely time!!!

Here is todays photo. My favorite for today is my shirt. This is my favorite pink shirt for this week!!
This is my running around today!! Its all i seamed to do. The Relay for Life is on tonight! I did actually nomiate to be on a team, but wasnt notified on any roster or anything - so obviously i wasnt wanted!! Not to worry - I'l join another team next year. But anyway, so I was running around collecting helium for teams!! Im in my car!!

Brenda and I breakfasted at the verdict today. Poor Jackie has still got sick kids, so we went for a visit later in the day.

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kerry said...

Jodi great photo of you and dd.Love all the photos taken in the garden have agreat weekend.Take care Kerry


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