Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 94 - Open Gardens Scheme Weekend!!

Hubby and i had a not date this weekend at the open garden scheme.

It was a totally beautiful day for it with not a cloud in the sky.
The first garden we went to visit was "Pilatus" and ny far the most beautiful.

This is my photo for the day first off - infront of the most gorgeous wisteria vine!!!

The entrance to Pilatus. The house was built in 1935, but the gardens really didnt get serious until 1959. The gardens are very informal with not a straight line anywhere!!!

There were some lovely water features and a few feature plants, but most of all, it was just lots of very normal everyday plants.!

Walking into the garden

Next was "Jindalee". This property is for sale for a cool 3 1/2 million......

The house in an Austam Kit Home and built in March 2003, with the gardens commencing the same year. So its only a relatively young garden, but beautiful just the same.

The next garden was "Gunnible". Ive been there a few times already to set up functions for the National Party. It was one of the featured venues for the National Party State COnference a couple of years ago that i did the decorations for.. so i knew what the expect.

The house is totally gorgeous made largy of huge sandstone blocks. But the garden doesnt feature plants, but a huge variety of trees. The house was built in the 1870's. The property was once owned by Bill Moses from Weebollabolla in Moree. (Thats for the ladies further north!!)

All up it was a totally gorgeous morning with my husband. Ds worked and dd sat infront of th tv all morning..... so what more can a mum and dad ask for??

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