Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A bit of an update

Its been a while since I last update the blog
and one of my resolutions this year was getting back to doing blog entries.
Its a really good way to keep a diary
and I do actually have my blog bounded into books..

I suppose the reason for the non blogging is lack of things to blog about.
My main source of blog material is still living in Emerald
my scrapping now is usually just my weekly class kits
that I have here in the shop.
And the shop itself keeps me really busy
and then in the extra time I have...
I am still trying to loose weight!

As far as that goes, I am still signed up for Michelle Bridges
but I wont be signing up again.
Lets just leave it at that.
I am still exercising everyday though and trying really hard to eat well.

I had an episode of illness a couple of weeks ago,
massive pain in my chest!
I callasped and was rolling on the floor in agony.

Stu dragged me to the hospital
(I told him to ring an ambulance!)
and the whacked me on all the monitors.
My heart was really good despite the agony I was in so it wasn't that.
The doctor said Gallstones or upset tummy!
I was vomiting which I do when I am under extreme stress
like this pain I was in.

Anyway all the blood tests and things done and then went to the doctor
and of course his diagnoses without any results in front of him was
You have cholesterol because your so fat!
I told him ok then run all the tests and I will come back when they are done.
So I went back a week later and the first question I asked was
What were my results.
Good he said,
yes fine, but what actually were they,
Everything normal
Yes ok, what was my cholesterol?
It was good, maybe a little below average...
Hmm I see.
What about my sugar?
Yes Ok, also a little below average.

So I dont have cholesterol and I am not in any fear of getting
So why do I have gallstones
(Bear in mind he said it was because I was so fat and had cholesterol! I am proving a point here!)
He then said that 85% of woman have them but very few get attacks,
There we are, thats more like it!

Dont you hate how doctors blame fat, smoking and drunking on everything!
I damaged my knee running on a treadmill and he also blamed it on being too fat! Probably true but still!!
Come up with someone original will you!

Anyway, so health issues aside, I feel pretty good.

I am really getting into project life at the moment!
I have weekly classes here with the lumpy bumpy scrapping
but I am thinking I might start flatening it out more.
I know the ladies love the lumpy bumpy
but I need to fnd a way to adapt my flowery scrapping
and make it flatter!

I am also going to start Project Life kits too next year.
I am gathering supplies and looking for things that are a little different.
Keep your eye out!

Here are some kits that I have onsale at  the moment.
If you would like one pop me an email.

Kaisercraft Miss Empire Collection
$37 includes all instructions.


Kaisercraft True Romance Collection
$35 includes full instructions


Kaisercraft Curiosity Collection
$28 includes full instructions


Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells Collection
$35 includes full instructions

Monday, April 29, 2013

Results from Round 1 with Michelle Bridges 12 WBT

It really is quite amaising when you look at the photos.
You know you have lost weight, because clothes are bigger
you can see it one the scales
and you feel so much lighter and better!
But to look at the before and after photos is the thing that hits you!

I still have like more than 45 kilos to loose!
But I know I can do it now,
so that being said I feel ok about showing these photos,
because we wont be seeing me like this again!!!!

I still have a couple of days left for this round...

But here are the results from Round 1

December 2012
117 Kilos. Approx.
(Could have been more!)

April 2012
104 kilos

To follow my weight loss journey more closely
see my weight loss blog

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Classes at The Scrapbook Nook Scrap and Chat

Have you joined my
The Scrapbook Nook Facebook Page yet
Here is a link

Each week we have a class instore,
but the great thing about these classes is that they come with full instructions
so you can purchase a kit 
and do it in the comfort of your own home.

Kit prices vary
and sometimes they come is sets of two kits so we can utilize  whole packets
of scrappy goodies!

The kits sell out quite quickly,
so the best way to guarantee a kit
is to subscribe
and I can post your kits out each fortnight or monthly
whatever you require.

Here are some kits that we have been doing recently.

Angels Exist
(Note: Spelling has been rectified!)

This comes as a set of two layouts.

This is Twenty Two

Bonus Card

(Sold Out)


(1 kit remaining $18.50)


Cherished Moment

This comes as a set of two layouts.

Live Laugh Love

(Sold Out)
Christmas Frame 

(sold Out)



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Daddy's Girls

(Sold Out)


Garden Play

 This comes with two kits.

Race Time

(Sold Out)


A Day on the Green

(3 Kits remain $17/50)

A Family Moment

(Sold Out)


A Man & His Pussy

Glam It Up

(1 Kit Remaining $18)



(5 Kits Remaining $21)


Live Each Day

(1 kit remaining $23)



(2 Kits remaining $15)


Play Time

(2 Kits remaining $20.50)

So Cherished



Strike A Pose

(2 Kits remaining $16)


Things I Love




(1 kit remaining $12.50)



(3 kits remaining $21)


You Can Fly

(3 kits remaining $12)

If you would like to purchase any of the kits remaining, please send me an email at j_dolbel@bigpond.net.au
or you can phone the shop 0267421566

Purchase 2 kits and receive 20% off
Purchase 3 kits and get 30% off and so on....
You get the picture!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Confession

I really dont know if anyone out there reads this blog anymore?
Do you?

I cant remember the last time I had a comment.

But for those out there that do read the blog from time to time, 
I thought I might share my current challenge with you.

Its a little embarrasing, but Im not alone,
there are alot of us out there!

As you know, I have struggled with my weight over the years!
Ive tried every diet imaginable!

After the trip to NZ which I am sure you will agree
was life changing!
I thought I would start to make steps for a more personal life change!

I hoping something has clicked this time!
Ive had the busiest week of the year
and I stayed on track...
So I am hopeful!

Im doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Challenge.
I have started it before in its early stages
and I found it difficult to keep up!

But now its been refined and definitely easier to achieve!
Its idiot proof and when It comes to my weight,
I am a total idiot!

So I am linking you into my experience.
Ive had this private blog since 2009
and now I have made it public.

You can follow along in my personal journey
and maybe offer some support?

I am not interested in Criticism,
I am not interested in any negative comments.
Im not interested in hearing about how much weight I have put on, or any of that other crap that will make me feel bad that some people see as being supportive!
That's just rubbing my face it in!
I figure that any one out there that is still reading this,
must have a genuine interest in my life.

But I do welcome encouragement.
If you would like to share my journey
here is the link.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Zealand Trip day 12 .... Time to go home

Yesterday was a really great final day at Queenstown.

First up we did a Quad Bike Treck thing!

This was so much fun!
On the flat stuff!!
As soon as we gained some confidence, they sent us up some hills!!
OMG that was so scary!!!

When we did that, Stu booked in for a Paraglide.
Im so devo'd!
I was to heavy by about 6 kilos to do this!
So you know what I have come home to do!
Diet, before heading back again next year!

Stu loved it!
He said he had a minor panic attack when he looked down over the town,
but looked up again and was fine!

We also did another Jet Boat Tour of the rivers...

The morning we flew out, we went for a little drive along the river
and found some lovely little spots!
Everywhere you turned is a postcard picture!

Coming home was another adventure.
The Queenstown airport is this quaint little thing.
Looking out over the Remarkables.
Just a tiny little airport, and customs and security were a breeze!

What a gorgeous backdrop!
I mean who puts their airports on this kind of realestate!

Flying over the snow topped mountains.

Then we get into Australia!
It was so depressing!

I used to think we lived in a great country!
We have been to Bali which i hated!
So sleezy!
and seen a bit of Australia,
but now having been to NZ and its such a clean gorgeous beautiful country!
So proud!
The roads are all lovely!
Even the dirt roads!

Such gorgeous proud little towns
and everything is green and treey.
I really didn't want to come home.

Arriving in the airport in Sydney! OMG!
We arrived and we had to get to the connector straight away!
The bus ran late and had to pick up every tom dick and harry on the way!

Went to register for our flight and they had already closed it!
So she wouldn't take all our bags.
I had packed all the toiletries in a bag to go with all my baggage, but the woman wanted me to take it as on board luggage.
I had all my deodorants and hairspray plus some scissors!
Its was locked with a lock
so it had to go through securty and be opened and go right through it.
So Stu sent me to hold the flight!
They went through my bag and then started on Stus backpack and though a heap of stuff out.
So Stu is running to the gate which closed 10 minutes ago!
and he got there and forgot my bag!!
So he had to go to lost baggage to get the bag he just left there!
We finally got on board and was sat next to a screaming child!
Arrived in Tamworth with Stuarts bags missing!
He turned up a lunch time today!!!
A great end to our fabulous holiday!

New Zealand Trip Day 11 - Post by Stuart

anuary 21st..... Best Monday InYears

21st January 2013 We awoke to a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and crisp mountain air nipping at our ears. We had a half hour to kill before heading out to the quad bike ride so we grabbed some breaky and walked along the bay.
It’s official, I’m allowed to buy us all quad bikes now, Jodi had a ball. They spent the first half an hour seeing how to split the groups up, so I didn’t see Jodi much while we were out there, she was in the “not so fast group” on a little automatic CanAm while I was on a little Suzuki.
Being a bike rider I kept stuffing up the brake, throttle and gears. A bike is 1 down 5 up, the quad is 5 up with neutral at the bottom. The left lever is the rear brake, not the clutch, there is a thumb throttle not a twist grip.....
After a quick “do’s and don’ts” we were off into the hills, creeks, gullies, cow paddocks and whatever else we could find on this 11,000acre property.
We were back in town on the bay for a drink by 1.30pm.
Mmmmm.... what to do next..... how about paragliding, you bet.
That’s me, I have video footage to put up later. Let me tell you that paragliding is a hoot, after a slight anxiety attack when I looked down and realised we were 2000’ above Queenstown I calmed down and just enjoyed the flight. We were back at the harbour about 4.00pm too early to head back to the motel .... what to do....how about a Jetboat ride across the lake and up the Shotover River, sounds fair to me.
Well, tomorrow we fly back home, Jodi doesn’t want too, I keep telling her I’m going to print a heap of photo’s and make a collage with the caption under it saying “this is why we work”. It’s been a huge 12 days looking back, we’ve ticked a number of things off the list but we’ll be back, guaranteed, this place is awesome.


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