Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Confession

I really dont know if anyone out there reads this blog anymore?
Do you?

I cant remember the last time I had a comment.

But for those out there that do read the blog from time to time, 
I thought I might share my current challenge with you.

Its a little embarrasing, but Im not alone,
there are alot of us out there!

As you know, I have struggled with my weight over the years!
Ive tried every diet imaginable!

After the trip to NZ which I am sure you will agree
was life changing!
I thought I would start to make steps for a more personal life change!

I hoping something has clicked this time!
Ive had the busiest week of the year
and I stayed on track...
So I am hopeful!

Im doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Challenge.
I have started it before in its early stages
and I found it difficult to keep up!

But now its been refined and definitely easier to achieve!
Its idiot proof and when It comes to my weight,
I am a total idiot!

So I am linking you into my experience.
Ive had this private blog since 2009
and now I have made it public.

You can follow along in my personal journey
and maybe offer some support?

I am not interested in Criticism,
I am not interested in any negative comments.
Im not interested in hearing about how much weight I have put on, or any of that other crap that will make me feel bad that some people see as being supportive!
That's just rubbing my face it in!
I figure that any one out there that is still reading this,
must have a genuine interest in my life.

But I do welcome encouragement.
If you would like to share my journey
here is the link.


Jasmine S said...

Wishing you all the best in your journey Jodi. Be positive and just know you can do it. Well done.

Libby Morris said...

Hi Jodi. I still read your blog, love to see your event creations.
I'm here behind you on the journey.
Trying to discard a bit myself. So far 10kg down and I hate going to the gym but I have to do it!
I paid for the 12wbt a year ago and then didnt even lift a finger. (Shameful)
Every day is a new day!
Much love Lib x

Sue-M said...

Hi Jodi. I still read your blog too. It comes through my blog reader which doesn't lend itself to commenting though... Best of luck with the challenge. I have a friend who has just finished her first 12weeks weight loss (I think it is the same one you are doing) and she has had fantastic results. The lunches she brings in also look delicious.

Maria said...

I too wish you all the best with your journey. I really should do a bit myself.

I am a slack on the commenting side but I enjoy your blog.

Keep up the good work.

Amelia Clark said...

This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful layout. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.


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