Friday, November 30, 2007


This is my news!!! I got the dt position at Cyberscraps fulltime!!!

I dont know how i feel yet? I feel a bit sick at the moment!!!


This is my photo for the 365 day challenge day 163..... Watching these storms. We were coming home from the Hunter Valley and it rained the whole way. WE had to go to Carrol and stopped at a farm and i took the chance to take these great photos. This storm dropped 44 mil in 40 minutes!! It was huge!!

These photos are just for the rural theme.... I can see the page coming together now!!!
Anyone for the fire brigade!!

Anyone for a shower!!! I dont think id be stripping off and showing here thanks!!!

Very tired after our trip away.....
Thanks for stopping by!!!

A Romantic Getaway!!!!

What a wonderful night we had in the hunter valley. My lovely husband who obviously missed me more than life itself while i was away at retreat decided to take me away for a"another kind of retreat!!"

He booked and payed for the accomodation over the nett and booked us in for a meal and then sent me an email telling me what he had done. He said Ive booked up into this place and put the link in...... From Santa!! Isnt he romantic!!!

This is the place we stayed at.

The room overlooked the vineyards..

The accomodation was themed rooms. The most "romantic" and the lodges honeymoon suite was the Moulin Rouge room. WOW very lovely!!!

Here is my Day 162 photo with some props in the room!! That clown only stayed out for the photo and then we tucked him in his box - he freaked us out!!!!

Some more props.

There were also constumes in each room that you could "Dress up" in... All to the theme.... Ours was a red and black corsette - I didnt try it.. Im not really a corsette kinda girl.

The spa was in the lounge room.. we alayed in it and watched movies last night..

The love seat and window seat..

Huge kingsize four poster canopied bed!!! Which did nothing to hide the resignating snore coming from my husband last night!! It just echoed of the canopy and then bounced down to keep me awake!!! Im so tired!!

Ready for a night out... Stu dressed up - like NOT!!

Stus tea

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 161 - A few things to talk about today....

Finally got this layout finished. Believe it or not, i started it last night and have been working on and off on it all day!! You wouldnt think so would you!!

This is about my husbands bike trip to Nabiac in the rain!!! Just a factual event page - the kind my family like me doing. They all like to have the events of their lives recorded for future reference!!

I googled my name today - you know the stuff you do when your bored!! There were like 15 references to me!! Totally weird!!
But i came across a good one.... A couple of my layouts got published on the Scrap the boys Blog on November 25th posting.....
I also found another mention of my name in a Sydney Morning Herald article about Erica Baxters wedding..... They range me for an interview I suppose being in the local wedding business and Erica Baxter is from Gunnedah - they wanted my input into her choice of wedding dress. (Like I care) Which didnt matter anyway as they quoted what they wanted me to say with theor leading questions - not actually what i said...IYKWIM?? Here is the link.
I am also featured on several archery sites with the National and WOrld titles.... SO theres no hiding for me....
Just thought id share... it weirded me out!!

Here is Day 161 photo... Im on the phone to Jenny Craig reporting my 1 kilo weight loss in 2 days!!! Boy I am pleased that if i can put it on so damn fast i would hope to lose it just as fast... hence the smile!!! LOL
Other exciting news we received today is that out good friends had a beautiful healthy little girl.... all together now.... awwwwww

So I made up this special bunch of balloons and also the beary basket at the bottom. How adorble is it!!

Well, thats my day. No posting tomorrow, but i will update on Friday!!! Seeya!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 160!!! Ironing Tuesday!!

Guess What!!!
I had good news from the dentist today - No fillings required!! I went there fully prepared to have to have fillings!! Yippee!!
So the day started well.

Went too the Verdict for coffee... my husband insists i have the best life!!

Then I went to the video shop and got some dvds to watch while i did like 5 hours worth of ironing!! But its done now for another day.

Here is my day 160 photo....Infront of the fig tree which is growing like a trooper since the rain!!

Our lovely bees have moved from the tree out the front and most have left the building and we have a few stranglers on another tree now. you cant really see them that well, but i got a couple mid flight!!

So thats about the crux of my day.....
Thanks for stopping by
Guna do some scrapping now!!!
Only 3 more sleeps until we see whos gunna be DT for cyberscraps...... Grrrrr!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A photo just for Kat

Ive been totally green with envy of the weekend that Kylie and Peta had this weekend - heres the photo to prove it!!!

Day 159.... Monday is Cleaning Day

Welcome to another week at Jodi's scraphaven....

Today is a typical Monday for me, had to blow up some balloons, went to curves, cleaned the house, stripped beds, did the washing and folding.. Tuesday is Ironing day!! What a creature of habit i am!!! But it all gets done that way.

Though tomorrow starts at 9am with a trip to the dentist!! Ouch!! Fillings!! I have one back tooth and i plan to keep it!!!!

So this is Day 159 with a bunch of balloons for pre-schoolers!! So cute!!

Here is a layout i finished last night!! Very festive for a rainy day page, but i love those colours and the photos feature one with red berries on a tree, so its appropriate!! "Let it Rain" like dah - thats what it says yeh!!

I was sitting on the loo contemplating the universe this morning and i could hear all this buzzing - through 2 walls and a bedroom!!

I went outseide to discover this tree in full flower with thousands of bees!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 158 - The day after......

Ok, the nation has spoken and we are in for a change......
Lets see what the next four years produces...... Its a bit scary isnt it. Last time Labour government was in we were paying 17% interest on our home loan!! There is no way we could and i dont think the nation coulds afford that!!!! I know i will be sitting with bated breath waiting.........

This is my day 158 photo... Sleeping!! Well, watching dvds and having little snoozes. I watched Evening - A lovely chicc flick - bit sad and Bobby Z which was a cross chic flick and shootemup movie. It was great for both me and Stu.

Other than that, just catching up with the washing. Started a layout - got some photos together and papers BG Fruitcake ones... totally yummy!!

I also applied for another DT position at That Little Scrapbooking Shop. I like the shop - a frequent shopper - but not much on a forumer as i am hugely loyal and find i like to stay where i know everybody. but lately i have been getting out and about spreading my wings!!!

Also, Lu should be married now..... God Ive been thinking of you Lu!!! All the best for your wedded life!!!

Thats it for me today. Hopefully I will have a layout of two to offer you tonight..

day 157 - Poling Day

Well, the fate of the nation rests on the shoulders of people like this......Day 157 Polling Day photo......

God help us!!!!
We will stay with the devil we know, or look elsewhere for leadership........

Thought id take a photo without the family clown!!!

I had a tupperware party last night and my husband and i ahve an arrangement. If there is a house full of ladies there also has to be a backyard full of men.... So we had a BBQ with lots of fun and laughter!!! It was a great night!!

Thats my Saturday... thanks for stopping by..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 156 - No wonder i am getting fatter by the day!!!

Ok, I admit it now. I am so like, totally depressed!!!!

After living in denial for the week about the consequences of my big weekend - I found myslef on the scales this morning - and then on the floor when i died of shock!!! A weekend on the town cost me 4 kilos!!! Do you know how long it takes me to LOSE 4 kilos!!! Ive been trying to loose 4 Kilos for 3 months and have successfully gained it!!!! How angry am i!!! My stupid body and stupid me for consuming the food and drinkies in the first place.....

I suppose i could have gone away for a fully catered girls weekend away and taken my Jenny Craig food and just drank water..... but come on now... where is the life experience in that!!!!

So next week - we are back on again and there will be no short cuts until i lose that 10 kilos once and for all!!!!


So, now that i have shared my personal reprimand with the rest of the country, here is day 156...... A day of much socialing!! Yes I know, obviously jumping on the scales did the trick didnt it!!! NOT!!!

We had a lovely Brunch at our place "The Verdict", with Jack and Brenda. Jack is 21 today.... doesnt she look great!!!

Heres Brenda and I... gotta get in on the act!!!!

Brendas friend from Gundy who has Party in a Box business makes these lovely truffles.... so gonna order me some!!! They were devine......
Notice.... once again, the scales having an impact of my decisions for the day with food choices!!!!! No wonder!!!

Here is a little chrissy trinklet music box that Brenda bought for Jack. Its grogeous!!!

Now it wasnt enought that i hadd brunch with the girls, but i also went out to my good friend Marianns place for morning tea and then had a date with the hubby at the Verdict for lunch!!!!
Next week.... its all back on track next week!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here is a quick layout i did tonight based on a layout that Lu did at Retreat.
Using the lovely new products from Cyberscraps... Creative Imaginations Range!!

Day 155 - The day of the Bullfrog!!!

You never know what is going to be appearing on my blog.

I now have a new favorite balloon!!! Look at this great bullfrog balloon. Isnt he a beauty!!!!

This is my photo for the day!!

We had the Year 12 formal tonight and i helped with the decorations. I alwaysdo a deal with the schools as the kids get a kick out of doing them themselves!! They did a great job i think.

The banner is a little crooked in these photos - but i did straighten the arch up a little after they were taken. Funny how i cuoldnt tell mby looking at it, only after taking the photo!!!

This is the photo of the room. There were some plants added after these were taken and the room really looked a treat!!

Here is a better photo of Bully!!! Hes so sweet!!

So thats my day - always veried!!!
I finally got my scrapbooking gear unpacked, and i told my husband to not let me buy anymore!! Only the monthly Sissy pack as i love them so much!! LOL
He said he will hold me to it!!
Seeya tomorra

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 154 - Sleep!!!

I managed to get my bags unpacked and the washing done... still havnt unpacked my scrapbooking stuff yet though....
Hit the sheets for a few hours nap. I think i am catching up now on all my lost sleep... Theres alot to catch up believe me. I think i had 8 overs sleep over a 4 day period!!!!

Day 153 - Home at last

Boy was i happy to get home!! The trip was interesting in itslef. I was flying over the back roads and hit a bump - everything went flying including my heliuj bottle, that made the nozzle come loose and helium was escaping. By the time i turned it off the car was full of helium and we were both talking funny!! Hilarious!! Never a dull moment!!!
But look at Stu - he was so happy to have me home!!!

Day 152 - Shopping.....

Here is my photo for the day.....

We spent the day shopping. after i pulled myself out of bed at 10.30am!!!! A much needed sleep!!

DAY 151 - Finally some scrapping!!!

Day 151 - I think it was quite an achievement that my daily photos continued during this trip..
This is day 151 showing of my fav layout for the weekend....

Here it is closer- "Im a Pricess God Damn it" so appropriate!!
I will submit it!!!
Self explanotory!!! "Rock Estieddford"

"Shots at the dam"

"Send in the clown"... yep thats me under that suit!!

Sunday was very sombre..... a lovely breakie though...yum yum!!!!
Got all the scrapping done that i did on Sunday morning - hence all the rushed not that great pages!!!
Met a few more of the cyber girls.......
Left to go meet Michelle for the Sunday night
I met up with emelia and michelle. Emelia had a huge shopping trip and proceeded to give me a fashion parade.
Then we headed to to lookout in michelles red convertable!!
Here we are at the lookout.

We stayed for coffee and watched the sun set.

Then headed to chineese..
We got home and i was so tired!! Almost no sleep all weekend!!!
But proceeded to try on Michelles wardrobe. She has some great clothes - but are so not me!! Im hugely conservative in my fashion taste. I like to cover the lumpy bits. LOL
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