Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 141 - 365 day challenge

What a gorgeous rainy day it was today.....

I started of the day with a coffee at the verdict... Always an excellent start to the day!!

Then i had to come home and start on the hours and hours of ironing from the weddings on the weekend. Mums nearly done her share - half her luck. I think i only managed 20 covers but 80 odd ties and all the fabric for draping and stuff. So about 60 more covers to go!!!

Here is todays photo.

Had a meeting at the school regarding year 12 issues tonight. its so confusing!! I really wish i had of done year 12 now, so I can understand it more for Josh. And he wont talk about "personal" stuff either which makes it so hard for me!!! How am i just supposed to read his mind about whats going on at school!!! Ask for money - not a problem, but dont expect to be told anything important!! I get all my info out of his mates!!! So frustrating!! But his mates like me and talk to me all the time. I have no idea what my sons issues are with me... Who knows!!!

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