Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 136 - Finally the weddings are done!!

I havnt been looking forward to this weekend for a while now. I had two big weddings and a party in Narrabri to go to all on the one night..... But Mum and i got through it!!!

Here I am with the darling bride!!! Isnt she cute!! This is my 365 day challenge photo for day 136!!

The handsome Bride and Groom!!

The welcome table

Arabian night backdrop..... but you guys know that now hey???

AND!! We got to the party at Narrabri. This was a surprise 40th for Marsella Morris!! Happy Birthday!!!!
This is me and Mars.
God, Emelia had 3 cruisers and she didnt shut up the whole way home!!! NEVER again!!!

And the funniest thing..... she didnt think she was drunk!! Hmmmm, me thinks the photo proves otherwise!!! This is in the CARPARK at MAccas after she dropped her bottle under the car!! thank goodness!!! And this is the photo I CAN show you!! LOL

1 comment:

Lea Adcock said...

Wow gorgeous photos of the wedding set up. Looks gorgeous.
LOL I can remember when I was young and got quite happy on strongbow. I won't touch the stuff now hmmm was well after them. lol



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