Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Look at this gorgeous guy!!! Isnt he cute!!!

Its officially Bacons birthday today - so what better balloon for an 18 year old Bacon than a pig balloon.... PERFECT!!!! And so cute!!

I actually timed the delivery really well and got to the school when th whole year was out on recess. The whole year watched me deliver it!! They knew who it was for - being that it was a PIG!!! LOL

But Bacon didnt run and hide, he came up and gave me a cuddle - infront of the whole year!! Very sweet!! I wish i had been game enough to ask for a photo!!!

But i do have a photo with me and the pig!!! This is my daily photo!!

Been getting ready to go to the retreat. Leaving on Thursday!! Woohoo!!

Washed and ironed today and will pack and wash the car tomorrow!!! Then off early on Thursday - but not too early, as i wast to visit cut & paste in Goondiwindi!!

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Marianne said...

Have fun at the retreat, I am very jealous. You will love Cut & Paste. Wave to me at nab when you go through Moree.


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