Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 147 - ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!

Look at us - dont we look sweet!! Its a good thing we are getting on this week as TOMORROW MORNING we are off on our ROAD TRIP!!! Yay!!!

DD is having her hari cut much shorter today, so we took photos to comemorate the old hair!!!

These are my final layouts for Chookscraps Celebrating Me 2007 challenge. And its a good thing too as the album is choka full!!!! All i ahve to do is cover it now.

This one is Looking to the future and the hopes i have for my loved ones...

This one was meant to be fav movie this year, but i dont have a fav. I love lots of movies. So instead ive details my Movie Day.... Which is code for you have to iron all day today girl.... LOL

So, no more posts for me for a few days. But i will continue to take my photos, as well as many others no doubt and will share them with you when i get back from Retreat!!!
Have a great weekend and i will be thinking of you......
Im off to Cut and Paste tomorrow too!! Cant wait to meet Pip!!!

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