Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 155 - The day of the Bullfrog!!!

You never know what is going to be appearing on my blog.

I now have a new favorite balloon!!! Look at this great bullfrog balloon. Isnt he a beauty!!!!

This is my photo for the day!!

We had the Year 12 formal tonight and i helped with the decorations. I alwaysdo a deal with the schools as the kids get a kick out of doing them themselves!! They did a great job i think.

The banner is a little crooked in these photos - but i did straighten the arch up a little after they were taken. Funny how i cuoldnt tell mby looking at it, only after taking the photo!!!

This is the photo of the room. There were some plants added after these were taken and the room really looked a treat!!

Here is a better photo of Bully!!! Hes so sweet!!

So thats my day - always veried!!!
I finally got my scrapbooking gear unpacked, and i told my husband to not let me buy anymore!! Only the monthly Sissy pack as i love them so much!! LOL
He said he will hold me to it!!
Seeya tomorra

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