Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DAY 150 - FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Just look how the day started!!! Can you believe that!!! With gogeous corn fritters and this lovely sause.......
You know when the day starts like this its gonna be a good one!!!
This is all from Maggie at the Gormet Saint!!

This is my daily photos - Day 150.
All dolled up for our night out at Retreat!!
Now bear in mind, tonight Lu is celebrating her Hens night as next weekend she will be mairrying Dougie!!!! So we have to make it a good one!!!

Here is Lu the bachelorette....... Ready for a night of partying!!! It was wonderful to meet Lu. To see the person behind all those layouts we see in the mags!! Both her and Cass and the most wondeful people!!

This is Kerry, Kylie & Peta & Karlene, all gathering for a night out!!

My mate Kerry!! What a very cool person!!!

What a delight it was to meet one of my favortie scrappers!! Ive been stalking Cas now for a little while... trying to discover her scrapping secrets and stealing them... She is so much greater in person!!!

Cath & I have joined the group

Cath & I..... Gorgeous lady!!! Im so pleased we finally got to meet!!

Lu and I...

Me, Lu & Cass

Now, part of the frivrolity on the night were performances by the wonderful Stu or (Mr Howard). Lu confessed that she and Cass refer to Stu as John Howard because they look similar..... however, this rumour was soon put to rest!!!!
Notice the look of delight on their faces....

The brilliant gormet saint Maggie - and boy, she certainly didnt look like no saint ive ever did seen!!!! She was HOT!!!

Me viewing delightful vids from my darling hubby!!

Ok, now the party has started!!!! this is Jason. He was a nice young man that came to take his clothes of for Lu and the rest of us!!
Talk about NICE!!!! I lost my voice with all my yelling!!!

Once we were all done with the lovely young Jason, we took our party to the valley!!! How terribly sad that there were so mnay beautiful young men that prefer men to women... how sad for us women!!!!
We found one nice boy and dragged him in for a photo!!

So after eating, drinking, partying, shopping, watching , dancing and perving, we made our way home on the bus to sleep restless dreams of too many scantly clad men and not enough youth to do anything about it!! LOL

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