Monday, November 5, 2007

Anything BUT Cleaning!!!

Monday is cleaning day for me...... but i really cant get into it!!!

We were listening to baby magpies out the front swarking for food!! They are so noisy!!!

Stu bought out some food and after a few nervous starts, the magpies tucked in for a rgeat feast on chicken. There was Mum magpie, we could hear daddy magpie out the back. Mum had two grizzling kids arguing over food. So mum fed them, then we saw another winging kid over on the rocks.. next thing dad comes flying down and the whole family fo 5 were enjoying their easy meal.

The babys are so funny. One guy could find the food, but try as he might to get it down his throut he just couldnt!! He was chasing mum with his bit of chicken, giving the chicken to Mum to put in his mouth!! Its so funny.

After 4 had their fill, they flew off and left the other little one with a beak full of chicken and no one to feed him. His just having a wander around the garden. It like kids in the shopping malls looking at all the great stuff and realising that Mum and dad arnt there any more!!! So funny and cute!!

Here is the number one feeder!!

Daddy magpie was gettting a bit brave......

No 2 baby being fed. The one in the foreground was the one picking up the food, but jsut couldnt eat it!!

Here is my daily photo..... day 138....

As I havnt showered, shaved or haired yet, and ive been a the gym. I just cant be bothered as i have to clean the house anyway!!! So I am hiding my dirty self behind the bushes!!!

Also, while i was out in the garden this morning and avoiding cleaning the house, I discoved that the storms on the weekend broke a branch of the tree our the back...

And our triliana trees are now starting to flower. 100 years ago when i had the sapre time in another life - i used to make lovely chrissy decos out of the dried flower pods of these trees...

And thats my Monday. The house inst any cleaner and im not any cleaner...... But i am relaxed.... does that count???


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kerry said...

Het Jodi wow have you been busy i just love what you do for weddings they are like a fairytale.Goodluck with the chook scraps thing too.Also cant wait two more weeks yippe.By the way i have updated my blog finally.


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