Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 135 - We need smellavision again!!!

Im really trying to get up and get to curves...... all dressed and ready to go, but it aint happening!! Im so tired...

So i went out to put xome garbage out and the smell on my front porch deserved further investigation!!!

OMG!!! This orange blossom we planted just around the corner of out house - where no-one can see it, but you can certainly smell its devine fragrance!!! Superb!!!

Im in my curves clothes, so dont look to closely!!! This is todays photo - smelling the flowers!!!

LOL, and i also fed the fish..... arnt they cute!!

Well, its now 9.30 and usually by this time i am have done the curves, walking to porcky, showered and balloon deliveries done...... but i couldnt get out of bed!!!

1 comment:

Lea Adcock said...

Wow look at all those fish.
I love the lovely smell of those flowers.


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