Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 159.... Monday is Cleaning Day

Welcome to another week at Jodi's scraphaven....

Today is a typical Monday for me, had to blow up some balloons, went to curves, cleaned the house, stripped beds, did the washing and folding.. Tuesday is Ironing day!! What a creature of habit i am!!! But it all gets done that way.

Though tomorrow starts at 9am with a trip to the dentist!! Ouch!! Fillings!! I have one back tooth and i plan to keep it!!!!

So this is Day 159 with a bunch of balloons for pre-schoolers!! So cute!!

Here is a layout i finished last night!! Very festive for a rainy day page, but i love those colours and the photos feature one with red berries on a tree, so its appropriate!! "Let it Rain" like dah - thats what it says yeh!!

I was sitting on the loo contemplating the universe this morning and i could hear all this buzzing - through 2 walls and a bedroom!!

I went outseide to discover this tree in full flower with thousands of bees!!!

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