Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 145 - ONLY 3 SLEEPS TO GO!!

Here is todays photo...... ad guess what i am doing??!!

Im junping on the trampoline cheering!!! Yay!!!! Do you know why??


I have finished cleaning the house and its mid afternoon!!!

I finished by Cybercrop layouts and loaded them....


In 3 sleeps im off to Brisbane for girls weekend retreat!!! Cyberscraps, my favorite place in the world are having the very first retreat!!! And i am going!!!
DD is coming too, but shes staying with a firend and having the whole Gold Coast experience!!! I cant wait!!!

Hence the celebratory pose!!

Now these remind me that christmas is aroud the corner... Little seed pods from the Gum tree... Little things....

Oh, I can also smell another reason for celebration... the lamb roast that i actually had time to cook today is smelling delish!! Dont know about Jenny Craig today!!!

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Have fun on your retreat!!


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