Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day 139 of the 365 Day Challenge... Melbourne Cup Day!!

Did anyone have a winner today!!! to tell you the truth - I didnt even watch the race. I was ironing today..... The glory of being a wedding decorator - after every big wedding means 2 weeks of washing and ironing!!!

I did have tp do some balloon decorations though.... All up i did 56 bunches of balloons today... all before 10.30am!! So I was up early and in the shed with my helium bottle.

I did think about going out to lunch with someone.... but only thought of it on Monday. had someone have invited me somewhere i would have went - but i didnt want to organise anything - too lazy! Im sick of organising after these last few weddings!!!

But I did dress up for the day anyway!! Here i am inmy fancy black hat and bia!!

Last night we had alovely sunset. Not the best photo - but here is one of the colours in it!!

And thats my Melbourne Cup day.... Hope you had a winner!! I did as i didnt bet and lose anything LOL SO thats got to be a winner!!!!

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