Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 143 - Bacon's Party

This is Bacon.... He is one of my sons friends. Great kid!!! We get along famously and have done right from the start!!

I was the only "grown up" that was invited to his party!! Dolbel's Mum is cool!! Thats what they say. Feels great to be so well liked amoungst the kids... pity mine didnt realise how lucky they are!!!

Anyway, its Bacons 18th birthday tonight, so we stayed for about 2 hours. DH felt uncomfortable at the kids party, but emelia and i were having a wonderful time!!

So these are my photos for today!!

This is Bacon
This is Dylan... Lovely boy!!!!

Bacon and Emelia having fun!! Bacon thinks of emelia as his own little sister too. They always stir each other up!!!

The kids being kids!!!

On the way home from Curlewis we came across this great storm!!! Looked awesome!!

Thats my day. Scrapbooking tongiht. Got two cybercrops happening. one at cyberscraps and the other at that little scrapbooking shop!!!
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kerry said...

Kids are great arnt they.Four more sleeps yippeee.


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