Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 149 - RETREAT!!!

Day 149 (Friday) started of very active for me. I decided to challenge wyself to walk up the hill to Wendys place. This is my photo for the day. Im half way down the hill admiring the sights....

Here is the cityscape further down the hill.

I founc some gorgeous trees......

Down the hill......

Walking back up however was a totally different story. OMG!! Talk about ache!! I jogged up the mostly flat stuff, and walked the rest. I stopped about 100 mtrs from wendys gate as i thought i was going to hurle!!! It ws tough!! But i did it and it was nice - i wont feel impelled to do it again however!!!

These gorgeous little fellows put on a little showing for us. Its obvisouly mating season... LOL. this is after - they have t get some more energy happening!!

Beautiful DD enjoying the view..

We left Aunty Wendy's and headed for the Queensland Art Gallery where Uncle John is the big honcho!!

What gorgeous things are there. im not much of an art conesior but i know what i like.... There are come certainly talented people out there. And i was surprised, its not all about paint and canvas anymore. People are using everything to create their work!! Amaising. This was so educational!!!

Next we went to Michelle's place of work to drop off DD. I went to school with Michelle and we always had the best time!! She is so much fun - STILL!!!
Next stop was my favorite place on the net!! Cyberscraps!!! It was so sureal!! To actually be physically there was amaising!!!

To meet Cath, Cass & Lu was one of the nighlights of my year!!!

The shop has everything!!! Ive only been in two scrapbooking shops - but honestly this was is totally great!!!

Here i am with Cath
After meeting everyone, we headed back to Cath's where our brilliant cheif Maggie prepared a delisious meal of fillet steak with bacon.... gorgous!! I was the camp bitch!!! There were all kinds of strage implements to use... the most intrieging was the gowger thingy!!!! Apparently used to get the juice out of fruit - but i thought of many other uses!!!

We sat around and drank and talked all night. There was never a lull in conversation!!! What a great lot of scrappers!!

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