Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 161 - A few things to talk about today....

Finally got this layout finished. Believe it or not, i started it last night and have been working on and off on it all day!! You wouldnt think so would you!!

This is about my husbands bike trip to Nabiac in the rain!!! Just a factual event page - the kind my family like me doing. They all like to have the events of their lives recorded for future reference!!

I googled my name today - you know the stuff you do when your bored!! There were like 15 references to me!! Totally weird!!
But i came across a good one.... A couple of my layouts got published on the Scrap the boys Blog on November 25th posting.....
I also found another mention of my name in a Sydney Morning Herald article about Erica Baxters wedding..... They range me for an interview I suppose being in the local wedding business and Erica Baxter is from Gunnedah - they wanted my input into her choice of wedding dress. (Like I care) Which didnt matter anyway as they quoted what they wanted me to say with theor leading questions - not actually what i said...IYKWIM?? Here is the link.
I am also featured on several archery sites with the National and WOrld titles.... SO theres no hiding for me....
Just thought id share... it weirded me out!!

Here is Day 161 photo... Im on the phone to Jenny Craig reporting my 1 kilo weight loss in 2 days!!! Boy I am pleased that if i can put it on so damn fast i would hope to lose it just as fast... hence the smile!!! LOL
Other exciting news we received today is that out good friends had a beautiful healthy little girl.... all together now.... awwwwww

So I made up this special bunch of balloons and also the beary basket at the bottom. How adorble is it!!

Well, thats my day. No posting tomorrow, but i will update on Friday!!! Seeya!!

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi, i sent you an email check it out.Love the ballon dec for your friend totally cute.

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