Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 140 - Action pAcked day today

Well, it was a huge day today....

Started of with having to try to haul myslef out of this lovely warm bed!! This was SO hard!! It was freezing this morning... Its November for goodness sack!!!

But went off to curves for my workout.. Joined their survivor competition.

Also had canteen duty today. So here is my daily photo driving to canteen duty at the school.

We also had the Sportsperson of the Year awards tonight. I was nominated.
I couldnt decide how to wear my hair - up or down!! I never wear my hair down, but decided for a change...

Here it is down... I ahve to take photos of my hair and then look at the photo to see how it looks. Its really hard to see it properly in the mirror... I wore it down after all!!

Ok, here we are all ready to go to the awards.

My son was also nominated for an award. Isnt he handsome!!

Here is me and the gorgeous hubby!!

Notice a theme here...... ME!! LOL Me and Mum!!!

The family - less possie!!!

And possie

Our Junior archer that was nomited took out his division.... We are very proud of him!!

Josh and I were happy with our nominations and the guy that won the Junior male was so deserving!!! All ladies in my division had a great year. Our local golfer who was also nomited has had good years since 2000, what an achievement!!! But congratulations to the winnner who was a triathlete!!! God to be that fit!!! One can only dream......
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Kaysie said...

OMG jode you look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jay didnt tell me that you looked that good.. LOL....

Im telling you, you look soooo young lately.. I love your hair down... Id love to see you get it all chopped off in a funky style ( pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)..

Love kaysie

kerry said...

I think that your hair down suits you way more than up.You look gorgeous.

Lea Adcock said...

Your hair looks great Jodi love it.


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