Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 134 - Thursday - Busy busy busy

Mum & are were in Tamworth today setting up a wedding for a couple from Sommerton. They are having the reception at the cattlemans restaurant which is art of the Alandale Motel. Great spot!!!!

Right next to the new Equine Centre which is GINORMOUS!!!!

So this is mum and me, happy the work is finally done!!!

The welcome sign.....

Arabian Night Backdrop and bridal table....

A dance floor canopy which is there just to hold the two empty pinatas the bride desperately wanted!!!!

The money tree with locked box

Feature of one of the coloumns on the dance floor

The bombonnieres that we made up... (Shh I pinched your idea Kaysie!!!)

Cake table that will look so much nicer when there is a cake on it!!

And the centrepieces that we did. These will also have little battery operated bud lights added in the stones on the day.
So that was my day!!! I am so tired!!!
We have another wedding to prepare for Friday and then setting up at 11.00PM friday night to finish saturday morning..... then try to get to a party by 5.00pm saturday an hour away!!!! Hmmmmm!!! I can see this little black duck wont be doing much partying!!!

1 comment:

Kaysie said...

OMG you Thief.LOL... At least you gave me a mention... It all looks great. Lots of comments were made on your balloon bride and groom at the wedding lastnight and the backdrop looked AMAZING........

YOu rock....


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