Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 144 - A Sunday at home.....

Theres nothing like a Sunday at home.... DS Spent the night with friends (after that party - but they left early and slept at another friends house), DD was at the boyfriends, DH was out at archery, and Mum was at home scrapbooking - just the way I like it!!!

This is my photo for the day..... we are trying to get the rabbit to pose!! He wouldnt!!! DH had just came back from a ride on his motorbike and what little hair there is was helmet hair!! LOL Me, Im just dagging out today!!

Here is what i got up to while they were all away!! Im into bright at the moment!! LOL
This is Message: "Its not about the Message, but they way you wear the t-shirt" This was fo a buttons challenge...

356 Reasons to Love: These are some latest photos from my challenge

This one is a bit of a d & m challenge with some sewing!! A mother love

It opens up for the d & M stuff!

Thats it for me today!!

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