Tuesday, November 27, 2007

365 Day Challenge - Day 160!!! Ironing Tuesday!!

Guess What!!!
I had good news from the dentist today - No fillings required!! I went there fully prepared to have to have fillings!! Yippee!!
So the day started well.

Went too the Verdict for coffee... my husband insists i have the best life!!

Then I went to the video shop and got some dvds to watch while i did like 5 hours worth of ironing!! But its done now for another day.

Here is my day 160 photo....Infront of the fig tree which is growing like a trooper since the rain!!

Our lovely bees have moved from the tree out the front and most have left the building and we have a few stranglers on another tree now. you cant really see them that well, but i got a couple mid flight!!

So thats about the crux of my day.....
Thanks for stopping by
Guna do some scrapping now!!!
Only 3 more sleeps until we see whos gunna be DT for cyberscraps...... Grrrrr!

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