Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 226....No more Kids!!!!

Here is todays photo... day 226.... Very happy with no kids in the house yelling and wanting mum mum mum........ When do they grow out of that!!!!

Just been preparing for Valentines today. Its the biggest balloon day of the year!!!Lots of broshures being printed.....

If you want to send anyone anything in Gunnedah... make sure you ring ME!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 225.... Back to School - Well half anyway

Half my kids were back at school today.... But the cheering will really start tomorrow!!!

No not really

I love school holidays..... Now the kids are older, they are really no trouble. But Josh worked all the holidays anyway so i never saw him!!!

Its going to be a big year this year. HSC year for us and DS is wanting to do medicine.... so..... I really dont know how the stress levels will take it. But at the end of the day - Im not a nagging type of person, so if he works he will get rewarded, if not than he wont get the marks... and really HSC is just the beginning when it comes to this kind of thing.. of he wont study now than hes not gonna study in Uni....

Here is my photo for today.... day 225..... Getting through them now....

Hopefully gonna get some scrapping done tonight...
Seeya tomorrow

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 223.... Evil sunshine.....

Here is todays photo.... day 223..
Boy oh boy did the sun have some bite today. I only went out in it to take layout photos and hang out the washing.... It was evil!! Especially on the sunburn....

The friends that went in the raft race now have perminent numbers on their skin as they were burnt all but where the numbers were.... too funny!!!

Didnt do much at all today..... Watched a couple of chick flicks and caught up on the washing and ironing..... I will ahve to clean tomorrow after a much needed trip to the nail parlour!! My nails are gone gone gone!!!!

No new layouts either that i can show you yet... but i do have a great OTP to show you soon that will be our February class at CyberScraps.... Keep and eye out for it!!

Friday nights class went really welll... Im very pleased with the results and so are the students.. I think mum is fast becoming a forum junkie like me....


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 222..... Australia Day Sunburn!!!! Owwww!!!

Today I am suffering the consequences of Australia Day Sunburn..... Oww!!!
My body is so red... You cant really see it in the photo.... But the tops of my arms are killing me as is my clevage!!!!
Wear sunscreen Jodi!!!
I had every intention of only waiting on the river bank for the 10 minutes or so... not the 2 1/2 hours it took them to finish!!!!
So here is my day 222.... Sunburn....

Here is a layout i did last night on Australia Day.
We had an inpromtu crop subject last night at CyberScraps. So this was the outcome of mine....

Have a great Australia Day holiday tomorrow everyone!!!!! See ya then..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day ... Day 221

Its Australia Day in the Dah..... celebrated this morning on the river!!!

By way f the Raft???? race... Raft being anything from a noodle to the brass bed!!!!

Here i am waiting for my daughter....... This is my photo for day 221.....

The record time for finishing this race is 10 minutes something..... Emelia and Brad finished in 2 1/2 hours!!! Dead last!!!

Here they are casually floating along.....

A closer look at the expert raft build by the master builder God himself... as Brad is now known.....

The SES Had to round them up like cattle...

Here are a few of the master crafts....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 220..... Yay!! Cybercrop at CyberScraps!!

Here is my photo for today, day 220.
Been a big day today, trying to get organised for Valentines Day still with the balloons.
But its also my first on-line class tonight at CyberScraps... Bit scary, and also my night to host the on-line crop!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A new fun layout

This is a new layout for CyberScraps. Introducing your new design team... be afraid , be very afraid!!!
The photos not the best, but i so love it!!!


Heres today, 219......
I woke up today telling myself i would be getting some work done today. I have valentines day around the corner and if i dont get stuff into doing that broshure i will run out of time....
Valentines day is huge is balloon land!!!!
Lots of lovely balloons to this year.
I even have balloons that have inbuilt love songs and lighting!!! WOW... They will only be $50 and they are like over 1mtr square love hearts!! HUGE!!!!
Seeya tomorrow

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 218.....Morning Tea with the Girls.... and kids!!!

Its been a long time between coffees with the girls.. So it was nice toget together with Jack and Brenda and all the kids and catch up on the last few weeks. Everyone has been relaxing enjoying the lack of routine during the school holidays.
Brenda is scrapping again which is lovely and Jack is doing some beautiful layouts...
Lets hope that the mags think so too!!!
Here is my photo for the day... Day 218..... Back in the pink... Its been a while...

Here is a layout i did for an on-line sketch challenge.
These photos are so dark, due to the dodgey camera and the fact that it was so dark. But they are of a room called the Moulin Rouge room where we had a night of hot romance.... Whoohoo!!!
It had lots of wonderful theatrics everywhere..... So i did the dark black and red symbolizing the darkness of the moulin rouge itself.. The sketch was just the right side of the layout..... but i made it into a double!!!
Its called "Passion in the vineyards"

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Days 216 & 217...... Boring housework!!

And who wants to read about that!!!

Day 217
Day 216

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Megs..... 7 Random Facts

Hi Meg, sorry i havnt done this yet, i got so bogged down with work that i forgot about it..

Of 7 random facts about me:

1. Umm, I think with both my left and right brain which makes me both creative and logical in thinking!!! Far more superior that my DH who only thinks his right!!!! (Although, i do come under intense ridicule from all of my right side brain thinkers Family!!) They say its because im only using a VERY small portion of each side and my brain needs all the help it can get!!!! Mungrels!!! LOL

2. I love watching the Family Guy!! Those people are so disturbingly funny!!!!

3. Scrapbooking is now so much more than a hobby - its quite embarrasing..... Rather than sneak food when people arnt looking, I sneak to my computer for the scrap forums or my current layout while no one is looking!!! And yes, i have quite often spent my last dollar on scrap supplies!!!

4. I hate arogance. There is a huge difference between confident people and arogant people!!! I live with two arogant people and they really irritate me when they get in that frame of mind!!!

5. I totally love my family and my Mum & Baby brother....

6. I wish I was a better photographer. Im sure that that is what is letting my submissions down!! Come on photos get with the program!!!!

7. I love McDonalds cuppacinnos on skim milk, decaf with 3 equal and carrot cake and cream. That is my treat to myself and Mum when we finish pulling down a wedding. A small thing after weeks of work!! I think we deserve that little luxury!!!

Ok, there are my 7 random facts. Now i have to message 7 other people to share their facts......


I will pick:

Day 215....... Scrap scrap scrap

What a perfect day.......

Hubby and Son left on their bikes this morning in two minds about joining the Wolverines Bikers Pocker Run to Uralla today. They left early to meet the local guys and then rode to Tamworth..

Which left me at home to loll about in my pjs and scrap... which is juust what i did.... ah - perfect!!!

But at 11.00am who muscles his way up the driveway!!! The husnband!! How rude!! He was supposed to be gone all day - he knew i was happily rejoicing in my own company and came home just to destroy it im sure!!!

but as it turns out, he wasnt feeling that well and after his recent collision on the gocarts his back wasnt handling the ride to well!!

So here i am in my morning glory, in pjs, havnt combed hair or brushed the teeth and see how happy i am!!! Scrapbooking prepared on the table!!!

But i did manage to get the project i was working on done... dispite the inteuption of having to shower and get dressed!!! So rude!!!! Whats wrong with my pjs, they are ok... The body is covered!! And dont come too close and you wont even smell my breath!! Besides, it will be buried under countless cups of coffee soon anyway if you'll jsut leave me alone!!!!!


I'll get dressed before i take my photo tomorrow - I promise!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 214....Time for Organisation!!!!

Due to space rstriction (We run three businesses out of this office!!!), I have only one wall for storage of my scrap stuff.
Now that i am DT for CyberScraps, I really needed to sort my stuff out so i dont get my dt stuff and my scrapping stuff mixed up.
I went down to the reject shop and found a wonderful draw big and deep enough to hold my 12 x 12 papers, and also the 12 draw cabinet under the desk!! Perfect. So now i am highly organised.
It took me all day!!!!

This is my photo for today day 214..... Its raining and im looking at the wet plants... seee!!!
But i also took a photo of my feet as i love my new gold coast thongs with my matching toes.... so cute!!! Except for the remains of the mud puddle on them that i trod in this morning!!!

Emelia and I went to see the Bee Movie today!! Highly recomend it. Its a great movie and those bees, they are so funny!!! Bees are people too, they have feelings and how dare the human race steel all their honey for our own profits. When i think about it, who are we to say we own bees!!! LOL Really makes you think this movie!!

Here is a balloon delivery i did today for a little girl.. soo cute. this is a pooh bouquet!!! Because according to the bee movie. no-one sends flowers anymore, its all balloon bougquets...... yes, too true!!!!!
Im Back2 Balloons, please contact for phone number....... LOL

So thats my day. hope you had a good one too. Seeya

Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 213....... One of those days....

It hasnt been the most pleasant day today...... Not much fun here at the moment...
But I have another layout to show you, so thats all exciting

Here is challenge 2 of the Celebrate 2008..

Unlocking the mysteries that is Me..... (10 things about me)

I love GRUNGEBOARD!!!!!!!! How great is this stuff. Its selling fast, so if you want to get some head to cyberscraps and shop shop shop!!!

I just inked the grundge board i used on my layout and the finish was perfect!!!

This is my daily photo. I forgot to put earings in today!!! Got an early order for balloons with half hour notice....... i just crawled out of bed..... never a good start to the day.... But it was a good order, so all was well.

So thats me.....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 212...... Cyberscraps on-line class

Cyberscraps on-line classes will start on Friday 25th January at 7.30 dst.
Go to cyberscraps and join the forum and register your interest. Then head to the shop and purchase your pack that includes all items required and postage for $25. You will adore the finished product!!!
Packs available in girls and boys, just state which you would prefer. Now if you cant join in the class that night, i will be onl-line all weekend to help you out.
These on-line classes are great fun and an excellent convinient way to learn new techniques.... please, come join us!!!

This is my photo for today. Day 212..... God, my face is getting fat!!! So gotta get that christmas and holiday weght off!!!
Also guess what i am doing tonight??
Im playing mixed softball!!!! Hahaha how funny!!!!
Its been like.....20 maybe 25 years since i put on a mitt!!!!
Looking forward to it.
Tomorrows photo will no doubt contain photos of scrapped abd bloodied knees and hips!!!!
Too funny, the image of me slidding into home on my arse!!! Hilarious!!! I hope theres no cameras!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 211...... My very first DT layout

Well, here it is......
My very first dt layout. I actually did this at Cyberscraps brix and motar!! It was great to scrap with real people rather than on-line ones for a change....

I also managed to complete my second 123 Challenge layout.

Not very original with titles this week am i??

Here is my photo for today, dall 211!!!

Can you smell this gorgeous gardiena... beautiful... LOL theres that word again!!!

Thanx for stopping by
Seeya tomorra

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 210.... A day of washing and ironing....

Dispite my desire to scrapbook all day today, i found myslef washing and ironing instead!! And there was so much of it!!! I think my daughter chucked every set of clothes she has in the wash andthey all need ironing. I only got half the irnong done and i will have to finish it tomorrow.... damn... so scrapping then either. Will squeeze in some tonight before bed time.....

Seeya tomorra

Monday, January 14, 2008

209... Home Again

I spent so much time sleeping.. This is on the way home. I slept for all but the last hour or so... I took car sick pills and they knocked me!! I couldnt even talk, but slured my words like i was drunk!!!
So this is day 209 and the final day of our holidays!!
I have decided its time to buy a holiday unit on the Gold Coast... No worries about the million dollars we will need!! LOL

Day 208.. More sleeping...

As i said before, i spent alot of this holiday sleeping..... Here i am day 208 having a little lie down. We ended up going to Pacific Fair for a spot of shoping, but that was it. Too tell you the truth, we were meant to come home yesterday, but we didnt realise and didnt leave, so it was great to have that extra day

Went to try to get some ocean photos and ran into emelia....

I saw this dog faithfully waiting for his owners yerterday. He was keeping a close eye on them while they swam.... SO adorble

Day 207.... Watch the movie - very scary!!!

Can you guess what we did today??? Yes looked at motorbikes and stuart fell inlove!!! He wants to buy this triumph now.... ho hum!!!

We met Michelle again and also met her friend Jas... WE went to Infinaty, this really great like maze place and then went to Time Zone. We had a great time. I love the guns!!! LOL
This is my photo for the day dimounting the canoe race ride. Watch the vifeo below. They all thought it was terribly funny!! I get into it... Isnt that what your meant to do!!!
This is Michelle and Jas.... Lovey couple arnt they..

The scary jodi movie..... Viewer beware!!!

Day 206.... A very self endulgent day!!

Look at this photo!! How tired am i!! And i was too..
The day started at 9.00 with a full luxury facial..complete with shoulder, neck, arm, feet and head massage... Oh, how luxurious!! It took an hour and 3/4.... Lovely!!!
But then, i had a hot rock massage with stress relief oils..... Talk about relaxed!! The beautician said that at the end of the day i will just drop!!! Pity, at the end of the day i was 80ms away from the resort!!
After the facial i drove down to cyberscraps to see Cath and do some scrapping with the girls
Cath and i got a few things sorted out with online classes and then kaylene, kylie, peta, cass and Lu turned up to scrap!! What a great night. I got a layout done too. My first for the shop.. WIll uopload later;..

Day 205 - Shark Food!!

This is day 205.... still at dreamworld, but also did the WWW too. No photos though... The kids are on the wipeout ride....

Day 204 - Two Worlds Await!!!

Today we did the two world pass with Dreamworld and White Water World..
Josh and i did the BIG 6 RIDES!!!!!! I am legend!!!!
I wasnt scared and didnt spew!!! The total best one by far was the Tower or Terror!! Its totally awesome!!
Here is day 204 photo.....

My hubby took this one i am sure the shock me back into weight loss!!! It worked!! Scary!!

With this ride you dont even have time to think "Oh my god im gonna die!!" The worlds only finally come out when you stop at the bottom. Iits hilarious waiting, you here the ride go up and then fly down - there are no screams and as soon as it hits the bottom, thats when they all scream!!!

The boys thought this one sucked.. I didnt do t, i was so sick of lining up that this stage!!
And of course, gorgeous emelia....

She found a summer love....

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