Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 214....Time for Organisation!!!!

Due to space rstriction (We run three businesses out of this office!!!), I have only one wall for storage of my scrap stuff.
Now that i am DT for CyberScraps, I really needed to sort my stuff out so i dont get my dt stuff and my scrapping stuff mixed up.
I went down to the reject shop and found a wonderful draw big and deep enough to hold my 12 x 12 papers, and also the 12 draw cabinet under the desk!! Perfect. So now i am highly organised.
It took me all day!!!!

This is my photo for today day 214..... Its raining and im looking at the wet plants... seee!!!
But i also took a photo of my feet as i love my new gold coast thongs with my matching toes.... so cute!!! Except for the remains of the mud puddle on them that i trod in this morning!!!

Emelia and I went to see the Bee Movie today!! Highly recomend it. Its a great movie and those bees, they are so funny!!! Bees are people too, they have feelings and how dare the human race steel all their honey for our own profits. When i think about it, who are we to say we own bees!!! LOL Really makes you think this movie!!

Here is a balloon delivery i did today for a little girl.. soo cute. this is a pooh bouquet!!! Because according to the bee movie. no-one sends flowers anymore, its all balloon bougquets...... yes, too true!!!!!
Im Back2 Balloons, please contact for phone number....... LOL

So thats my day. hope you had a good one too. Seeya

1 comment:

marijana said...

hey jody!!!
after long lurking on your blog I decided to leave you note-lol
if you deliver to Wollongong I will order baloons form you as I think your arrangements ROCK and they are HOT!!!:)

marijana (M) (we are facebookfriends 2!!!!!lol

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