Thursday, January 3, 2008

HORRAY!!!! Big Day!!!!

Look what happened today!!!!
My ds got his P's!!! How old am i!!!
You can see he is pretty excited. He was soo worried about it as non of his friends got them first go. so we booked him in with an instructor for 4 hours total and he only made one error!!!
Clever boy he is!!!

This will now be a regular site at our place!!

Here is day 198 of the 365 day challenge......

No more news from me....
Thanks for visiting, see you tomorrow!!

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Jodi, you have been tagged by me... You need to tell us 7 ramdon facts about yourself then tag 7 of your friends..
Also Jodi I want your car I love those fords and it's in the colour that I want mine in - green...
Another thing I noticed is we have the same tops I've got one in white...
How cool is that!!! Cheers meg


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